Thursday, September 3, 2015

Summer Recap: Sibling Love

After Nana left, we were on our own for a month. 
I spent my days trying to rest. We also went to the pool for Pre-team, to the theater for $1 Summer Movies, and to the Bowling Alley for free bowling.  I didn't do a good job of resting, but I had a good recovery.  Beyond these things, this is what I did the most: 

Dress up Gianna, 

 Pose her with her siblings

and Daddy. 
Introduce her to our friends. This is Annie.

and savor her baby sweetness. 

Summer Recap: Nana's visit, VBS#1

Summer recap: June 15-26

Nana was here the week before Gianna was born, on her birth day, and the week after.  She did so much to help us.  

She took the big kids to the pool for pre-team practice. Pre-team was a new concept to me, so I'll explain it. It is similar to swim lessons, with the goal to actually prepare the kids for swim team one day.  The kids did kickboard practice and some other stuff. I wish I really remembered, but I had the baby that week!!!!

The second week, the baby was born on Monday. The kids went to Vacation Bible School #1 at St. Peter's in Olney, Md.  The had a good time. The theme was Son Sparks Labs. They did some sort of Jesus/Science hybrid that I didn't understand from the crafts they brought home.  They learned some fun songs that they got on a CD about being a part of God's forever family. They also learned that sin separates us from God. I call it a win. Nana took them to VBS in the morning and swimming in the afternoon.  

Nana and new baby Gianna

VBS singing

Nana and Gianna matching hands 

more matching
 I had a fun time hanging out with her.  She let me fix her hair. She's been growing it out, so we tried some styles. This is the only one that looked good. I don't really know how to do my hair beyond a braid or ponytail, so I was probably the wrong person to be trying poofs and french twists, but we had fun... or at least I did.  I love female bonding over hair brushing. I really do.

Nana and a squishy baby 
 We baked a cake and celebrated Gianna's birthday, on her 5th day of life.  Good thing we had a 5 year old at one point!
Celebrating Gianna's 5th day. 
Her visit was really wonderful.  I should also add that Bob was here for a few days early in the week.  While he was in town, they stayed at a nearby hotel. Then Bob went to his conference, Orientale Lumen. I dont have any photos from his section of the visit. I think I mostly napped, because I was super pregnant then. He missed meeting Gianna. We hope they both come back to snuggle her soon! 

Clark's Last Day of Kindergarten

 Kindergarten was amazing for Clark. He really thrived under the structure, and learning that it offered. He had an incredible, loving and dynamic teacher. We are looking forward to Iris having her in another year.
Chilling on the Kindergarten Tree

Super hugs for the best teacher ever

the kids and Ms. Hellman

Summer Recap: County Fair

This summer was pretty great. We did a lot of things. We welcomed a baby and we mostly kept our lives together.  Each week, I had planned something in advance.  The week of August 17-21, we went to the County Fair!

Iris rides in the Mud Bog Race

She got 2nd place for distance, Clark got 3rd. He was a little bummed 

They LOVED meeting Michelangelo 

We saw the awesome demolition derby! 

Clark and Gianna! 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Introducing Gianna.

Holy Cow. The last posts were Iris turning three, and Clark five.  They are four and six now, and well, we had another little baby. Her name is Gianna Magdalene. I'm writing this on the eve of her 7th week. She was just baptized this past weekend.  She's had a very full life so far.  Before she was born, I was pregnant, and gave birth,  Clark started and finished kindergarten, Iris changed from a toddler to a girl before our eyes.  I will write about all of this later.  While I hope that I might be able to fill in the past two years, I think the best I can do is attempt to fill you in on today.  
So, starting again.. Again.. Here I go.  

Introducing Gianna magdalene, born June 22, 2015 at 3am, at Birthcare and women's health in Alexandria, va.  8lbs 12.5 oz, 21 inches (or so) and just an awesome baby. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Iris' 3rd birthday

Family portrait!

Hello Kitty Parfait

 I guess I didn't take more photos of the party. We invited just a handful of Iris' friends over for her 3rd birthday (you know, in January, when she was born!) I have a whole new birthday philosophy. As soon as everyone gathers, we sing "Happy Birthday" and eat the sugar. Then the kids can run crazy and the parents can relax.

marshmallows dipped in melted candy cane Hershey kisses.
Iris had a great party, and she can't wait til she turns four! They are both in a hurry to grow up. =(

Clark's 5th birthday!

Clark had his fifth birthday party at the Kensington Volunteer Fire Department (the same scene of his 3rd birthday party). The theme was "super heros" and it was a ton of fun! 

We had a very long, snowy winter. School was cancelled a lot. We were trapped indoors a lot. So, we used those snow days to make some super awesome stuff for the party. 

we made a pinata out of a paper grocery bag

construction paper, glue, scissors.

everyone helped.

and Clark picked some cool pictures from Pintrest to glue to the sides of the Pinata

and filled it with candy!

on the day of the party, we dressed in our Superhero Best
enjoyed our friends!

two cakes!
and ate some delicious ice cream cake!
family love

Clark is 5!

 There was a fire station tour, a pinata, and all the kids left the party with superhero capes and masks!