Sunday, December 27, 2009

Clark's new face

Its either his first "face" ala Derek Zoolander- Cold Steel, OR he's a fish.
He started doing it the day before Christmas Eve. He's getting a tooth on his bottom right and I think this makes him feel better.
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Tom and I at the Christmas tree

The baby is sleeping in the stroller.
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V and Jesus

I'm just blogging from my phone. I'm a phone woman of little words.
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Down @ the national Christmas tree.

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A cute tub photo

At some point I realized we didn't have any pics of him in the tub so I'm trying to remedy that.
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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Clark is playing under the tree!

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Videos!

Clark is a good kisser. He loves to kiss Mama. He has been kissing mommy for a long time. He recently began branching out to kissing Dada and other pretty girl babies. At about 14 secs he gives me a Zerbert. Listen for the "muh" noise too!

This is a short one of him making the phonics sound "tuh"

Clark speaking Afrikanis. (ba ba and clicking)

This one is not incredibly interesting, but Clark looks beautiful in this light. His eyes are so blue. Its peaceful. He is eating. He selects the noodles out of all of the yummy things on his tray.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

More snow (and some old stuff)

Here are more pictures of the snow, some older pics I don't think I posted.

Like Father like Son. Tom and Clark gaze out at the snow.

What did they see???????????????

The cars totally covered!

Here's another view!!!

And another - slightly shovelled.

Our house

The Snow Canyon (our sidewalk)

I did a lot of shoveling! It was fun!

Our neighbor had a Snow Thrower and was Throwing snow off of the sidewalk and neighbor's driveways including ours! Thanks Charlie. He gave Tom a quick lesson. And he took off! He cleared another neighbor's driveway! Here's a random photo of Clark in the tub! Here is a picture of Clark and I with Santa and his Elf! After the shoveling was completed we went for a walk with our neighbors. The baby here has had some play dates with Clark before. She lives down the street and is 5 weeks younger than our boy. Her name is Simone.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Baby it's cold outside!

In the last 26 hours we have been hit by THE BLIZZARD OF 2009!!!!
The News was trying to name it and some of the names they came up with were:

There were more, but I can't remember. I came up with Blizzard Snotrina. Which isn't that great, but amused me.

We went outside to play in it last night. See how it was so sweet and tender in the beginning?

Tom and I "snoskated" in the street with our neighbors Sandy and Danny.

It was all very very exciting.

Today, Tom was outside for about 4 hours total. The first time, he shoveled the sidewalk and part of the driveway. I saw him in the back yard, doing a snow angel. Then, while on his back, he covered his legs with snow and reclined. He opened his mouth and was catching the flakes as they fell. I felt bad that I wasn't outside with him, but I also felt that he was insane and I fortunately didn't have that problem.
The second time he went out to shovel the snow, he didn't come back for a while. He really likes snow.
I stayed indoors and watched Anne of Green Gables and cried my eyes out at the end. I don't remember crying that hard in the past. I think when you have a family your perception of things is very different.

We got about 15 inches when we took this pic. Now (10:30pm) we have about 17.

In other news Clark has a cold or something, and my throat hurts. This is another reason I did not spend hours frolicking in the snow.

I stayed indoors and made 1. chicken stock. 2. yummmmmmy Black Bean, Pinto and Chicken Chili 3. Kolacha (Tom and I made this together while Clark watched from his high chair).

We just watched Elf on CBS and are now going to bed.

xxxxxoooooXXXOXOOXXOO Eskimo Kisses from the Greenwells!!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Clark "drinks" out of a cup

If it looks like a cup, its good to drink out of!
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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

quick health update

So, I, Tom am feeling better and think I might have this beat (fingers crossed, prayers to St. Elmo, etc.). There is still concern that we need to eradicate C Diff from our household. Keep praying for us and all the other positive thoughts.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Heir of Slytherin

Clark bonds with the snake at the nature center. He liked its slither and its flicky tongue. He also loves the turtles at the nature center and can say "tuh tuh".
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He looks like a little boy!!!

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Doc visit

We just went in for 9 month checkup. Clark is just under 20 lbs and just under 29 inches. I didn't get the slip of paper with his info on it like I usually do, but that's his stats. He's got Excema just like me but doesn't itch it which is good.
He got a polio vaccine and a finger prick to test for blood iron (a CBC), lead and maybe some other stuff. He did not like the finger prick at all. here is a pic of him trying to get the bandaid off. I really like our doctor.n he doesn't always agree with us but he is very respectful and honors our highly cerebral, scientific way of thinking through an issue. Its great.
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He's just so cute!

I had to share this picture, he's just so cute!
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Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas (although its still Advent!)

On Friday we were supposed to fly to sunny, warm Southern California for a visit with the Greenwells of SD. (Nana, Grampa, Andrea and fam and John). We cancelled this trip due to the sickos. As a consolation prize for cancelling our trip it snowed yesterday! Around 9 am the rain changed to big fat feathers of snow. They were falling thick and fast. We watched the snowfall all morning long in our jammies. (Of course I'm not in any pictures because I was taking them all. I need to keep this in mind in the future. Our great grand children will think I was an absentee mother). Since the weather outside was frightful, and we had no other plans. We took out our Christmas decorations. We had a hard time finding the tree base, but eventually we found it. We set up our artificial pre-lit tree and decorated it with the shell ornaments we bought when we lived in OB, and fake birds that I bought one year at and after Thanksgiving sale with my sister, Katie in Texas. We had a few other ornaments. Some from an ornament exchange at the Peterson's house (Stephanie from Tom's high school). Some from when I was a little girl, decorated with my name, or ones that mom made out of yarn. The cutest thing that happened, was that Clark, our little baby, crawled over to this Advent Church that we have. He started investigating it just like a little boy. He tried to grab the knobs and open the doors. He is really turning into a little explorer now. He crawls all over the house checking out corners, heating vents, knobs, handles, and doors. He is really amazing us. He just started babbling "ba ba ba ba ba" all of the weekend now. His favorite thing is still being walked around the house by his hands, or doing it himself with his walker. The sum of our decorations. Dr. and Baby Goofy. Goofy Tom is helping Clark develop his sense of humor. Clark is a big laugher and will laugh along with us if we are laughing. He's also figuring out cause-and-effect. Yesterday, Clark made a noise in a cup and Tom laughed. Then Clark did it again resulting in more laughter. So now, when he puts his mouth on a cup, he is trying to make us laugh. He gets a little glimmer in his eye like, "he he he, I'm going to make them crack up this time!" You can hear him make the noise a few times in the video.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Walking with the walker.

Here's a video of Clark walking with the walker.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bad news

So, Tom has C-diff again. We are happy to have a diagnosis so early. Last time he had it, it took a few months, lots of weight loss, pain and fear to get a diagnosis. We know what to do to beat it, it just takes time, and potentially many series of antibiotics.

Please, please, please pray for us. Pray that Clark doesn't get it, he is so little and puts everything in his mouth.
If you have a prayer group or prayer chain, please put us on it. We need all of the stregnth we can get.