Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cars and Carousels.


My other blog has some photos of the kids from today.
We rode the Metro (choo choo!) down to the Mall. We walked to the Ellipse of the White House and saw the National Christmas tree and all of the State Trees. Clark and his friend, Owen, were mesmerized by the Choo-Choos! under the big tree. They watched them for about an hour. Iris happily crawled around.
Then we walked on the Mall towards the Carousel near the Smithsonian Castle. We rode it and played in the dirt and rocks nearby. Then we rode the Chooo Chooooo home!
It was a great day.

The kids have also been enjoying one of their Christmas presents.... New Cars! I was assembling them when I took these photos (with my cell phone), but the kids - especially Iris - are crazy for them. Iris will sit in it for hours, opening and closing the door, backing herself into a corner. She even rocked so hard in it that she knocked it over, and then laughed!  What a nutter! Clark loves it when I push his down our driveway (into the grass). It's his roller coaster!


Friday, December 16, 2011

December 2011

I've been letting Clark take photographs and this is what he's coming up with.
Iris is not interested in taking photos yet, her favorite thing to do is hide in the cabinets

That's Tom and Iris. 

This Advent, we've taken a music class called Making Music Praying Twice. Its like music together classes, but with a Catholic point of view, meaning we sing Christmas songs about Jesus not Santa.  
Before coming to our 4pm class, we went to the playground. It was sprinkling and 50 degrees, the temperature dropped as the rain fell heavier and heavier.  I never bring extra clothes, but I had a box of things that Iris had already grown out of. Clark ended up in these dry, warm girl clothes.  I'm glad they were able to have such fun on such a yucky day.

Clark's cute outfit and musical instruments. Iris is there in the front.

Getting instruments again.

Iris rocking out. She really loves shaky eggs. I made some this morning out of plastic Easter eggs, tape and beads.

Very intent on shaking. She actually shook them to the beat too!

While the teacher rocks the baby Jesus, Iris destroys both the nativity and the prayer table.

Just another photo of Iris the adorable darling!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Save It, Don't Spend It

Save It, Don't Spend It.

My new blog, a path to reaching financial goals by ceasing to spend money in 2012. Let's use peer pressure to stop spending money. Who needs an iphone4s (even though I want one so bad)? Who needs a birthday present? None of us! Handmade cards coming your way! 

In 2012, I plan on being the ultimate tightwad.  How about you?

Monday, December 5, 2011

traveling for 80 years

We stayed with my Aunt Nina, Uncle Bernard and Cousin Nico. Nico and Bernard were especially baby crazy and couldn't get enough of Tessa and Iris. We traveled for my grandpa's 80th birthday! All of my aunts and uncles and my mom and dad came. Most of the grandchildren, myself included, were there, and Iris and Tessa representing the great grand children.

Iris enjoyed traveling. She especially liked takeoff and landing in the plane. Her favorite part may have been all of the attention.

And here's a picture of Clark washing the dishes.