Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Crazy Week

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I had morning sickness, or all day sickness. No actual puking, but generally feeling like it would happen at all times.
This makes work really bad.

Wednesday (today) I was great, with renewed energy and very good feeling.

Today, we also wrote a contract and put a bid on a house. We will let you know what happens! OMG! Life is so exciting!
We are also going to a wedding in Wisconsin this weekend.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Week 10

Now we are in week 10. We are beginning to really feel great about being pregnant. I am starting to tell people. It is really fun!
This week Gumbo is the size of a small plum. very cool.

tired - but getting more energy.

hungry for the first time in ages, I am eating ALL of the time. I take this as a good sign.

highly emotional- I cry a lot, but it feels good, so its ok.

in love- I am trying to make an effort to strenghten my home life. I don't really like my job right now, so I am trying to make home a haven. I have no cause to fight, or be mad or frustrated at home. I am so happy to have such a loving spouse. Even if we want to fight or yell, our heart isn't in it. I see this as a good thing. (we are pretty happy, even when fighting, our disagreements aren't cause for alarm, faithful readers). I think we will have a very happy home in the future, by making it so in the present.

About the birthing post, this week has been very revealing. We thank you for your feedback, many people emailed me about their experiences. We have a dr. appt on August.... 2_? so we will talk to the doctor about our options.
We know that we have full insurance coverage for whatever we choose and that is a happy, freeing thing to know.

Have a good week. Love, V

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Business of Being Born

Last night we watched the Business of Being Born. It is a documentary about the birth industry in hospitals vs. home birth with a midwife.

The movie
1. frightened me
2. made me cry at least 3 times
3. has prompted some interesting conversation in our home about where/how to have our baby.
4. made me dream all night long about giving birth

We know a number of people who have had natural childbirths, or at least tried to. Bradley method seems good. Geez, it is really scary to have a baby. I thought that an epidural would make the pain go away, but apparently it slows the laboring, so you need pitocin to speed it up, which increases pain, which means you need more epidural which slows down labor.. its a vicious cycle.

This was in the movie, but scientist that I am, I looked it all up and ITS TRUE!

We have a lot to think about.

I think the worst thing to think about is being in a hospital with a "normal low-risk" delivery, but feeling vulnerability because you are pressured or frightened by your birth process (which is normal) and then having a physician or nurse exploit that vulnerability.

I was there when Andrea gave birth and it was really intense and scared me a little bit. She was said that if she had been in a hospital she would have taken the epidural when offered. BUT when it was all over and Sophia safely delivered, she said she was really happy that she did it that way, and it was just like she wanted.

My mom delivered us naturally in a hospital and reports that it was great. Andrea was happy with her natural delivery in a birth center. C&C prepared for natural in a hospital, but baby was breach and she had to have a C-section.

My grandmother doesn't remember her births because they just knocked her out. She said it was great, I used to think this sounded wonderful. Then I saw this movie and learned that she wasn't knocked out, she just didn't remember it because she had "night terror" or something like that. They used to tie the women up because they would scratch and claw themselves from the pain, they were completely unaware of their surroundings and what was happening. They would tie women up with lambswool because it didn't leave marks and the husbands wouldn't question what was going on. This does not sound wonderful, it sounds horrible.

In many ways, I wish I had not watched this movie, and in many ways I am so glad I did. I think that whatever we decide with be both horrible and wonderful. I know that memory blocks out bad and painful things. I know that there will a flood of happiness at the end which will make it ok. I just hope that all of the oxytocin makes me forget the whole thing except for the good parts.

I know that a number of different people will eventually read this and I'd like to hear what you think, what your experiences have been, and stuff like that. Thanks.

We made a baby!

We made a baby, and now the baby is growing in me. We are calling the baby Gumbo. We are pretty sure we made it with the energy we got from eating piles of crawfish at the Louisiana Colleges Alumni Crawfish boil. Baby is due in late February, therefore I am planning on giving birth in early March.

So far the pregnancy has been going well. Due to some hormone issues in the fam (and myself) , I'm taking thyroid and prometrium every day, also having progesterone monitored every other week via LabCorp.

We took a home pregnancy test on June 18 or 19, positive.

We had one ultrasound a week later, we were only 6.5 weeks so all we see is a grain of rice. But the grain has a beating heart. Wow!

Now I am at almost 9 weeks. I am tired all of the time, but could also be due to new job that is filled with type A personalities who work all of the time and don't even take lunch breaks. Don't want to fall into that. Luckily, I'm a type B, so I think I'm immune. =) hopefully, plus the fact that baby Gumbo is more important than anything else right now.

Tom is being amazing, he is picking up my slack at home. I get home, lay in bed and pray for merciful rest. In the meantime, I hear him cleaning the kitchen, emptying the dishwasher, and tidying the living room. I feel like all I do is sleep or rest all of the time. He's such a good spouse. I can't wait to see him with the baby. =)

He is telling everyone he knows, trying to keep it a secret, but not really trying at all. The first person he told in my presence was a couple at the grocery store with a baby. He was so excited. They told us to go to the movies as much as we could before the baby comes. Tom went out and bought a bunch of discount tickets, and we saw Wall-E last week.

I, on the other hand, am keeping mum. I've told a few people, but want to tell most people in person. One friend couple (Josh and Ashley) called us last week and told us they were due in January. I had to tell them that we would be due in February! It was fun to tell them that way.

Symptoms: tired, likes to cry, boob pain, one incidence of morning sickness after getting off of Metro going to work (gross and embarrassing, but at least I had a bag to yack in).