Sunday, May 22, 2011

Videos of life - and a picture.

When I think of my life's goals. This is what I always hoped I could acheive. A Sunday afternoon in the backyard. A blanket under a tree with a cute baby on it. A wonderful husband. A naked little kid runing around the yard, splashing in the pool. A garden. Shade. Warm sun. Laughter. Discovery. A family who loves each other and wants to spend time together.
Our new internet is twice as fast as our old internet, officially. What I see here is that it takes me less than minutes to upload these videos while our old interent used to take hours - and then maybe it would work. YAY for FioS!

Clark Swinging

Iris being cute.

Easter Egg Hunt

Clark and Owen running around a tree at the zoo.

On Mondays in the winter we went to this gym and played.

We got faster internet and everyone wins!

We went to a birthday party yesterday and there were princesses!
Some pictures from our garden. Our dogwood tree:
Little tiny flowers on the asparagus plant.

Some other beautiful flowers - Iris, the dogwood and ME!
Clark remains CRAZY about Iris. He loves her so much. He wants her to do everything with him. He insisted I put her in the firetruck with him.

One day I stumbled upon Iris, who was having some air time on her bottom, with a remote control in her hand and the choo-choo train nearby. Clark had wanted her to share in his awesome remote control Thomas train.
I bet he can't wait until she's up and walking! Then they can really play!
He does get a little jealous when I give her his toys however. I gave her the music thing that he is playing with in the picture above and he didn't like it. When I try to give her other things he sometimes freaks out for a minute. For the most part, however, I will find her with a toy placed on her tummy - a sweet present from Clark.
more princesses from the party!