Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Clark Lists.

Here's some lists of things about Clark at 1 year and 3 weeks.

Clark can make the following word-like sounds...

  • mama
  • dada
  • yumyum
  • eggeggegg
  • oh no/uh oh
  • bababababa
  • do (dog)
  • ttttttt (turtle)
  • kkkkkkk (Clark)
  • he also "sings" along with me when I sing to him, its like humming with an open mouth and its precious.
  • he also sings a high note when I play the guitar or he gets excited!

Clark can...
  • clap
  • wave hello
  • wave goodbye (although a minute after the person has left)
  • indicate all done (kind-of)
  • shake his head "no"
  • stab with the fork (like a murderer)
  • get food on his fork
  • fork food into his mouth
  • put the spoon into the bowl/food area
  • put the spoon into his mouth (most of the food falls off, but he's getting better)
  • open cabinets
  • climb stairs
  • go down steps face first - crawling style
  • walk
  • stand up without pulling-up on an object
  • bang objects together
  • "play" the guitar and piano
  • climb into a cardboard box
  • sit happily on his potty chair
  • stand on the potty stool and get his hands washed
  • hug
  • kiss mama and dada
  • blow on our bellies =)
  • sing a very high noted aria.
  • almost always sleep through the night until 6am (we are now working on a 7 am wake up/expect mommy to get-to-work time)

things Clark doesn't like...

  • wearing hats
  • wearing his bike helmet
  • being laid down to get his diaper changed
  • balls or balloons or things that are larger than his head.

things that will make Clark ridiculously happy...
  • being ticked on his knees, toes, and neck
  • extreme peekaboo
  • running between dangling things (strings, curtains)
  • watching himself on video
  • Tom's funny faces
  • plastic Solo cups

things that Clark really likes to do right now.
Drag things around the house including:
  • Alligator Piano/Xylophone drug by the string and mallet
  • Puppy Dog drug by the leash
  • Camera Case drug by the shoulder strap
  • Shoes drug by the laces

Chew on things and walk including:
  • very large cardboard boxes
  • pencils, spoons, long stick-like objects (we remain vigilant for his safety)
Door interactions
  • stand by the door and look out at the world
  • bang on the door
  • open and close the door (but not his fingers- that goes under "dislikes!"
  • climb face first out of the doorstep
Other things
  • walk around with toys and leave them scattered all over the house
  • open and close cabinets and doors
  • inspect everything that looks like a button, grommet, knob or protruding round thing (and see if it has milk in it)
  • turn things like gears or handles and generally try to modify the environment
  • this kid really loves mechanics.
We love him.
Love, Veronica and Tom.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Yum Yum!

In this video, Clark kind of says yum yum, or at least it doesn't matter if he is really saying yum yum, because he thinks he is saying yum yum. He also shows us how he eats, putting food in, chewing, spitting out. That's why he's so svelte. =) The grilled cheese sandwich was super fatty and buttery though. Don't we all wish we weighed 20 lbs and could eat like that? What is also super cute is that when he watches the video, he laughs the whole time. Also, at the end of the video. I ask him to wave by-by. He does not, but in real life, while watching the video, he does. =)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Fun on retreat

I lead and chaperoned a youth retreat this weekend for our church, St. Raphael's. Clark came along. He had a great time with the teens!
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Le Petit Gardner

After I ate my delicious burger and veg, we sat outside as a family. Tom ate his artichoke and planned the garden for the summer. He bought asparagus to plant! Yum! Clark contemplated watering the garden and attentively watched dada, listening to the garden plan. We love Spring. :-)
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Iron Woman

I was feeling tired and went for an iron rich dinner tonight. Spinach, onion and tomato with artichoke and a burger with grilled onions and avocado on an onion bun. Tom will have just artichoke, he didn't want a burger! Crazy!

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Latest fun stuff!

Here are pictures of our Spring so far.
I'm still babysitting Bernadette. Here she is sitting in the garden like a little flower.

We played in the yard for a few hours this afternoon. I got a play kitchen for them, but both found their favorite yard things. Bernadette's is a block that she can step up and down on. Clark's is a solar powered lamp that lights up the back yard at night.

Here we are!
Clark loves to walk around the house carrying a big noisy pot.
Yesterday, we went to a nearby park and Clark had a blast.
He climbed (and slid down) the slide.
He had fun playing with the center of the gears.
He got lots of fun toys for his birthday but (a lot like the fun toy kitchen! / lamp issue in the back yard) he really loves this box and plastic "beer cups" or "solo cups"
He also loves hanging out under the sink.
Last week Josh, Ashley and John Paul came over to play because it was spring break.
"I give you my blessing"
Bernadette was over that day, so we had a big fun play group.
What cuties!
We've been taking lots of video lately, and need to upload that next. We send love to everyone! xxoo.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Spring must be close because we took a walk outside today!
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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Clark's FIRST BIRTHDAY party!!!

Clark is one!!! We had a sweet party for him on Saturday. I think he had a great time. In the past few weeks, Clark has developed some new skills. He just started clapping, sometimes he will point to his tongue, he will also look at me or Tom when we ask him, "Where's dada's/mama's tongue?" He is walking much much more now. He can't stand up when he falls, so he will walk as far as he can and then plop down. He can shake his head "no". He loves to give us hugs, kisses, and blow on our tummies. If we are laying on the ground, he knows its going to be a good time! Enjoy the pictures. It has been an amazing year.

I made him a yummy carrot cake (very baby friendly)! He's not a big eater so their aren't pictures of him smashing it on his face, sorry. He ate his cake slowly and deliberately with his little fork.

Here are pictures of his little friends.
The little girl in the front is Eva, her mom lives down the street and she was featured in his Superbowl Walking Video.
The boy in the back is Thomas, we met his parents in our birth class!

This is Clark with Anna, his babysitter and Work Auntie from when I was at Chemonics. She was in Afghanistan recently and bought him this adorable little vest!

Here are Eliana and Benji, two kids from down the street, they are enjoying some yummy sugar laden cupcakes. Their mommy is pregnant and due March 4th, so we'll see when that baby gets here!
Here are Clark and John Paul! They are such cute, sweet big boys now!

Here is Thomas again (from birth class) and the little pink one is Samantha. I met her mother at my Bradley training.

Here is Will Clark, he was born 3 days after Clark was. His mom is Katie.
John Paul's angelic face.
and here is one of Clark and Bernadette. I don't have any pics of her from the party, so here's one from when I was babysitting her. Clark loves her sooooo much!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Two days before he turns 1 Clark tries to make a break for it!

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