Thursday, March 18, 2010

Latest fun stuff!

Here are pictures of our Spring so far.
I'm still babysitting Bernadette. Here she is sitting in the garden like a little flower.

We played in the yard for a few hours this afternoon. I got a play kitchen for them, but both found their favorite yard things. Bernadette's is a block that she can step up and down on. Clark's is a solar powered lamp that lights up the back yard at night.

Here we are!
Clark loves to walk around the house carrying a big noisy pot.
Yesterday, we went to a nearby park and Clark had a blast.
He climbed (and slid down) the slide.
He had fun playing with the center of the gears.
He got lots of fun toys for his birthday but (a lot like the fun toy kitchen! / lamp issue in the back yard) he really loves this box and plastic "beer cups" or "solo cups"
He also loves hanging out under the sink.
Last week Josh, Ashley and John Paul came over to play because it was spring break.
"I give you my blessing"
Bernadette was over that day, so we had a big fun play group.
What cuties!
We've been taking lots of video lately, and need to upload that next. We send love to everyone! xxoo.

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