Wednesday, April 3, 2013


We're living life to the fullest. Here's Clark and Iris showing you how to do it! 

Happy Easter

Clark Bunny shares the love, its Easter Time! 

 We hope you had a nice holiday, and continue to celebrate the joy of Christ throughout the Easter season!

Hops, Little Fluffs,Little Dipes

Here's some cuties of Iris aka, Little Fluffs, Little Dipes, Hops, Wah Wah, Poppet. 
Sensory Bin play. Iris loves pouring from one container to another 

Sibling Love!


Our Fluffy Baby


Weee... also featured here, are her bunnies

Playing Church
She loves coloring

Appropriate use of markers

Inappropriate use of markers

She doesn't like wearing gloves, but doesn't like touching cold snow either... conundrum

But she LOVES Kitties! 

and "cheeeeese"!

and the playground! 

and she loves coffee, although she's drinking cocoa here!

Little mommy puts on her makeup, and gets into all sorts of other trouble in the bathroom. We gotta watch her!

Too Sunny. 

I bet she's going to hate these cheese pictures when she's older. oh well!

The Precious

Here are some Clark highlights from 2013!

Banana Phone! 

Playing with kitties at the pet store!

My brave boy got a vaccine!

Getting head stuck in the stairs!

Coloring and making faces

Clark Bunny and Jimi, his friend from school!
Finding flowers and celebrating Spring

I love his coloring with this coat.


Climbing again! 

Listening to music on his CD player

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

For St. Patty's Day. The kids and I went to a local parade. We had a lot, a lot, a lot of fun! 

 After the Parade, there was a concert by a Flogging Molly-esque kids band. Iris thought it was a little loud!