Thursday, November 10, 2011


Iris has her 3rd tooth. She ate her first shrimp last night. We are trying to keep her from eating grains, but she eats lots of chips and rice off of the floor. She remains completely awesome. She wakes about twice at night, sometimes zero, sometimes 4, when she's sick. She can walk if you hold her hands. Yesterday she climbed the stairs at my friend's house in the 2 minutes it took me to turn my back to change Clark's diaper. Yes, she is my danger girl. She babbles her own little baby language and doesn't do any baby signs. She does shake her head sometimes to say no, but that one she made up herself. She adores all of us, as she should. She loves dogs and laughs uncontrollably in their presence.

Clark has 20 teeth. He eats everything except for gluten, and whatever else he doesn't want to eat. If it was up to him, all meals would involve cake, candy, cookies, chocolate, Brussel sprouts, carrots or peas. He asks if everything is "gluten free" and revels in things that are. When we were going through the halloween candy, Tom let Iris chew on a bag of Skittles. Clark told her, "that's gluten free, Iris." it was super cute. He loves Iris and involves her in almost everything. He does not like it when he is sitting or standing on a chair and she cruises over. In those circumstances he pushes her. He also likes to roll on her, but I think he thinks its loving and a fun game. She does not always agree. He steals her walker all of the time and calls it his bulldozer. He loves trucks, firetrucks, tractors, construction equipment, rockets, airplanes, helicopters, machines of any sort. He is taking a soccer class this fall with his friend, Will Clark (born 4 days after him to Katie Noonan). It is a little over his head, but it is for all of the kids too. Maybe we'll try again next year. He loves his friends, especially Owen Farmer, who he asks about all of the time. Anytime we get in the car or I talk on the phone he hopefully says, "Owen?" He likes painting, glueing things, cooking with me - especially pouring and mixing. He pulls the chair all over the house to be able to reach things that we've put out of his reach. He has an imagination now and is always talking about monsters. He isn't afraid of them, sometimes we hide from the monsters and jump out to scare them. He is at an incredibly fun age. We go to the playground every day. He loves the swings - still, and is a great climber. He is able to play games with the other kids in the park, and I especially like it when they chase each other! He's very polite and says "thank you" unprompted most of the time, "your welcome" when someone says thank you to him. I wish he would always say "please" instead of whining, but he doesn't. Hmmmmm....... He has a guitar toy and loves to dance around with it while listening to music. He has a career in the Rock arts in the future. He loves to dance, then slam the guitar on the ground, and then roll around. He is awesome. I have zero clue where he got that.

I have 27 teeth. I have my most profound thoughts about life, children, motherhood, faith and family when we are walking in our nearby woods (Rock Creek). I always hope to come home and write a blog about it but never do. I ran a 10K in 1 hour 9 minutes and 36 seconds. I stopped to tie my shoe and use a port a potty in that time. I am amazing. It was an incredible race. I should write about it one day, but not today. I am taking ballet which is offered by our city and I love it. I hope I can take it forever, but it will depend on my work/teaching schedule. I am working with friends Kathryn and Sarah to make a co-op preschool for our kids, its fun. I am co-leading the moms group at our church with a program called Play and Pray. Its a playgroup with prayer, just like it sounds. We meet once a month and love it. I've got a number of parenting groups on facebook that I'm coordinating. I'm teaching childbirth stuff and starting to take Doula clients. I've been to two births so far and I like it. I continue to love Tom, Clark and Iris, which is perhaps the most important thing I do.

Tom has 28 teeth. He will turn 35 this weekend and is very excited about this landmark birthday. He recently had sinus surgery. His mom came out to help us through it, watching the kids while I went to the hospital and to appointments with him. Thank God she was here. He likes work and is doing his big neuroscience conference next week. He's excited to be planning a big road trip for us. We will be driving down to Louisiana for Thanksgiving! He was in a triathlon at the beginning of October and got 1st place in Swimming, 15th overall. Isn't that awesome?!?! He really kicked its butt! He likes his job still, but I think we all secretly want to move further South. So, keep that in mind when searching the government classifieds for neuroscience jobs. ;-) (if any NEI people are reading this, its just a fantasy, and we aren't really ever moving, so don't worry).

That's all I can think of now. Thanks for listening! =)

Fall in review.

I give up keeping up with this thing. I'm sorry everyone. From here on out, I'm just going to daily digest this blog and that will have to be enough. Although, the daily digest may have to be a seasonal digest. We'll see if I can keep up with that!

Here are some of my favorite photos from the Fall.

Clark and Iris made a huge splashy, bubbly mess in the bathroom. Iris was covered with bubbles, Clark was thrilled and cheering the whole time he was splashing. Iris loves the bathroom. What is it with babies and bathrooms? or electricity for that matter? and dangerous cords? and choking hazards? Iris is my danger girl.
Here's some pics from Halloween. Iris fell asleep early, but it was a nap. She wokWhen she was still sleeping, we tried to get Clark into his Winnie the Poo costume. He resisted, cried and generally acted like a child. So, we took this cute photo with Tom in Iris' costume, me in Clarks, and Clark in his pumpkin shirt that he was already wearing. I did eventually wrestle the boy into the costume and force him to trick or treat. Either Tom or I carried him the whole way. He and Iris had had a fever on and off the entire week. It was a hard week for them.
This is one of my favorite photos of her in her favorite spot, under the coffee table!
And as a mother, nothing has made me more happy than seeing how these two crazy kids love each other. Clark asks to hold her constantly. We went to vote the other day and I let someone hold Iris while I went in the booth. She was gone for one minute when Clark asked, "where's our baby?" In many ways the 3 of us are one person who all belong together. I've heard of the mother-baby di-ad, but we've definitely got a triad going on.

We love the Zoo and hanging out with Owen and Kathryn Farmer!

We've been buying apples from the farmers market. We can buy a bushel of "seconds" which means slightly "flawed", for $7, so we have. Its fun to think of ways to incorporate them into meals. Here is some Apple Chicken, Apple Risotto, Greenbeans with apples. it was all yummy.

We made Apple Cider, yum.

Happy Birthday Tom!!!!

This is Tom's big year! He's 35!!!!! We celebrated a few weeks ago by taking a Segway tour of DC, something Tom has always wanted to do.

Autumn is Beautiful

And we are enjoying it!