Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

God brought his son into this world to show us love.
We were made by love for love.
I'm excited to share that with Gumbo.
He was made by love to show love to the world.

That's all. I hope you have a wonderful day.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

What a week!

I worked from home Monday to get more rest and recover from the previous week's illness.
Tuesday I went to work and it was ok. Work party afterwards was fun. It was fun to hang out with friends from work and play the white elephant game. I miss drinking alcohol and caffeinated beverages, especially at events like these.
Wednesday I hazed through the day and went to birth class at night. Didn't sleep well that night.
Thursday was even hazier. Slept the second I got home from work, got up at 10 to drink some gatoraide, went back to bed until 7am.
Woke up really happy on Friday, bright and renewed from sleeping so well. Walked to the metro station. but I fell on the way to work. Why can't I walk properly!!! Its so embarrassing to not be able to do a simple thing like walk safely. I was mad all day about it. We had a gingerbread building contest at work and it was fun. We didn't win, but we laughed alot! Tom and I watched Muppet Christmas, Letters to Santa. Went to bed. I was kicked out of bed at 3:30am for fidgeting. Slept in the downstairs bed. Woke up cranky. (Sorry this blog is cranky, its just the mood I'm in. When I'm not cranky, I'm generally very enjoyable...)

Baby status: I think he turned. I can feel kicking below my sternum. I feel a hard mass below my stomach. It is either his head or his butt. If it is his butt, its great. If it is his head, its still good, but I have more work to do to get him in the right spot for delivery.
He kicks and punches and turns all of the time. When I'm trying to sleep, he's just moving and moving and moving. This is another reason I'm not sleeping well. Tom and other people think its amazing to feel and I've been sharing it with people right and left. Lots of my coworkers just come up and touch me now. I let them know if he's moving and where, or not moving and "here's your hand back". Its cool to share the magic with them.

Its coming soon. I could potentially have this baby in 6 weeks and he would be considered full term. I have lots of contractions, more when I am tired (therefore a ton this week).

Here is a picture of me in the tub trying to relax so I'll have a good night of sleep. You can see the linea negra starting to show up. (My makeup is smeared under my eyes.)

Today Tom and I will go to the newly reopened Museum of American History and then to the movies to see Twilight. We also hope to eat out someplace nice and just make a nice day out of this Saturday.

All the best to you, have a nice time leading up to Christmas, and remember, its not about stuff, its about love.

Love, V

Monday, December 15, 2008

seismic baby

I was taking a bath today and my stomach made seismic waves in the tub. He was like a fish flopping but in my belly! Really cool! I hope it was him flipping over to a head down position!

Also, I'm not sick anymore.

Tom is having trouble sleeping due to my own troubles sleeping, but he still seems to love me. So, thats a great thing!
Love, V

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Actually, I thought I stayed home because I was pregnant, but it looks like I am ill. I threw up. Hopefully I'll feel better soon.
Lots of love,

staying home

I stayed home from work today cause I'm soooooo pregnant. I'm going to nap and take a bath and read. I guess I'm in the third trimester now.

I'm getting the line on my tummy now. For a month or so, I just thought it was from wearing pantyhose. It is somewhat dark below my bellybutton, I can barely see it above.. but its there...

love, V

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sooooo pregnant

So. I'm really pregnant. No, I mean, really, really, really pregnant. Like its an effort to get out of the car when its on an incline, Its hard to breathe when I'm laying on my back, pregnant. Its pretty huge, and my "its" i mean my belly. I'm 29 weeks.

Gumbo is spending a lot of time moving around, mostly stretching and pushing on both sides. I wish he would get it in his head to rotate, he's in a breech position still. He also could fold in half, I think he is laying flat in there, or as flat as possible. He was 1.5 lbs two weeks ago, but now he's supposed to be 3 lbs. To reflect this change, I was crazy hungry for the last two days.

Oh! another new thing for me, is that I am actually craving things. It started Wednesday night, I was driving my car and all of a sudden, I had this incredible urge for Cup O Noodle. I had to have it, so I stopped at 7-11 and got one. It was delicious! Then the next day, Tom picked me up from the metro and I convinced him that Taco Bell would be the perfect dinner - and it was. Besides that junk, I still desire protein, fruit, and veg - the true building blocks of life. =)

In other news, we registered this weekend. We registered at both Target and on It was a weird choice to do Amazon, but there were some items that were only sold at specific stores, so I had registered for one item at REI, and one item at an online breastfeeding store, then I realized that all of the items were on, so I un-registered at REI and breastfeeding store, and registered at Amazon instead.

We had a great Thanksgiving with Tom's brother and sister and her fam. I will post some pics later. There seems to be a problem with picture posting right now.
Love, V