Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Days

We are really settling into our home now. It's nice to no longer be looking for a house or moving. I also started a new position with my company so my day to day work is much more suited to my strengths and what I enjoy doing. I am doing outreach and professional development. That said, I go to a lot of career fairs and do lots of trainings for our current employees. Its very me.

I am starting to really look pregnant and not just like I ate too much food. Its cool. It really just happened this week. We will have to post some pictures of me being pregnant.

I feel wonderful. I hate the 1st trimester. I was crying all of the time and exhausted. Now, I am so full of energy and feel like a sparkling diamond its wonderful. Gumbo is moving all of the time and that is fabulous. Its so sweet to feel a little kick when I am working on our budget at work, or giving a presentation. It feels like an inside joke, or like remembering a kiss. Its just such a sweet feeling of joy. I have my old energy back and am using it up riding bikes and walking. We went hiking last weekend and we did a very hard trail. I was so happy to be able to complete it. I'd like to try it again in the next few weeks - because its awesome.

I'm going to San Diego today for 5 days for the American Public Health Association Conference. Its a really cool conference, 30,000 people go, 1,000 booths in the expo, 20-40 presentations going on simultaneously. Its huge. I will be at the Chemonics booth for most of the time promoting our company and the health development work we do. I plan on going to a few presentations but also relaxing when I can.

We are collecting baby things more and more lately. We just got a "My Breast Friend" pillow from a listserv at Tom's work for $10! Those things are usually like $40-$50. We organized all of the baby things that we've received so far and are starting to think about what types of things we will want or need for little Gumbo. There is a bunch of stuff out there. Its nuts! Registering for our wedding was fun, because you can say "I like these dishes better than those" but for strollers and cribs and car seats you have to think about safety and how easy/hard they are to clean, durability. Its so much to think about. We will probably delay for another month or so. =)

We are starting Bradley classes in November to help us with the second part of that sentence. Overall we are so excited to know that we are having a boy, and looking forward to a smooth pregnancy and hopefully pain free childbirth (ha!).

Much love to you, kisses, hugs and more hugs. I like hugs.
Love, V

Monday, October 13, 2008

New Address

In case any of you need our new address. it's:

1619 Farragut Avenue
Rockville, MD 20851


So, we went to our ultrasound in the end of september with V's momma! It was very exciting except for the rather obtuse Ultrasound turning way with hand on top of head

baby on back

baby on back with hand on face

...and the picture you've all been waiting for!

Proof of boyhood!