Sunday, October 18, 2015

Chicago- millennium park & Picasso

Today we took the bus to Daley Square to check out Picasso's dragon

And a special street

Then we headed to Millenium park. 

We played at Maggie Daley park. It was super fun. There were a lot of people and it was just me with the three kids. I wouldve stayed longer but i was worried about loaig the kids (and you know how casual i am about watching my children...

Then we walked along the riverwalk  we swam in the hotel pool. Then we... Idk... we havent done it yet! The night is young! 

Chicago- James and Shedd

IWe met up with Uncle James at the Shedd Aquarium. 

It was fun! 

Clark saw a piranah. He is learning about them in his reading group at school. 

Look. Its a clarks clownfish. Specifically, the black and white striped one on the far right. 

We found a Penguin playground and the kids even discovered costumes! 

And we fiund a submarine. Clark got to control a robotic arm. 

And Gianna was enchanted with the fish. 

Friday, October 16, 2015

Chicago- Day 1

On our first day in Chicago, the kids and i set out to find food. We couldnt find a decent breakfast so we just had gluten-free cupcakes from Trader Joes. I have no regrets. Overall we walked 3-4 miles and they had the energy for it anddidn't  complain. These children are awesome! 

We walked the Magnificent Mile. We saw the John Hancock building up close. We also saw the old Watertower. Iris loves that it looked like a castle. Clark said he liked the Culture of Chicago. Weve been talking about the difference between old and new buildings. Old ones are fancy, and new ones boring and square. 

We checked out the retail at Water Tower Plaza mall. The Lego Store 

They had an American Girl with my look, designed by a "Veronica" 

Clark finally got to spend his commission. Each week, he earns $1 by doing work around the home. He saved up his money, and after tithing and saving 10% each, he had almost $10. He was very excited to pick out a special treat at Hershey's Chocolate World!  Im very proud of him for being so patient and deferring gratification for ao long! 
Both kids said "chocolate is my middle name" 

Gianna's Baptism

Gianna was baptized August 8th.  Her God parents were Dave and Mary Singleton.  Grandma was able to fly up for it, she was the lector, and she sang part of the reading ,"SHEMA, ISRAEL!" which means listen!  Annie Schaffner was our lovely cantor for the litany of saints, it's, and the song "come to the water" which has been sung at all of the baptism of our children.  Fr. Agustin Lopez was our priest, and Deacon Frank Salatto also came. The deacon baptized Clark and Iris.  

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Summer Recap: Sibling Love

After Nana left, we were on our own for a month. 
I spent my days trying to rest. We also went to the pool for Pre-team, to the theater for $1 Summer Movies, and to the Bowling Alley for free bowling.  I didn't do a good job of resting, but I had a good recovery.  Beyond these things, this is what I did the most: 

Dress up Gianna, 

 Pose her with her siblings

and Daddy. 
Introduce her to our friends. This is Annie.

and savor her baby sweetness. 

Summer Recap: Nana's visit, VBS#1

Summer recap: June 15-26

Nana was here the week before Gianna was born, on her birth day, and the week after.  She did so much to help us.  

She took the big kids to the pool for pre-team practice. Pre-team was a new concept to me, so I'll explain it. It is similar to swim lessons, with the goal to actually prepare the kids for swim team one day.  The kids did kickboard practice and some other stuff. I wish I really remembered, but I had the baby that week!!!!

The second week, the baby was born on Monday. The kids went to Vacation Bible School #1 at St. Peter's in Olney, Md.  The had a good time. The theme was Son Sparks Labs. They did some sort of Jesus/Science hybrid that I didn't understand from the crafts they brought home.  They learned some fun songs that they got on a CD about being a part of God's forever family. They also learned that sin separates us from God. I call it a win. Nana took them to VBS in the morning and swimming in the afternoon.  

Nana and new baby Gianna

VBS singing

Nana and Gianna matching hands 

more matching
 I had a fun time hanging out with her.  She let me fix her hair. She's been growing it out, so we tried some styles. This is the only one that looked good. I don't really know how to do my hair beyond a braid or ponytail, so I was probably the wrong person to be trying poofs and french twists, but we had fun... or at least I did.  I love female bonding over hair brushing. I really do.

Nana and a squishy baby 
 We baked a cake and celebrated Gianna's birthday, on her 5th day of life.  Good thing we had a 5 year old at one point!
Celebrating Gianna's 5th day. 
Her visit was really wonderful.  I should also add that Bob was here for a few days early in the week.  While he was in town, they stayed at a nearby hotel. Then Bob went to his conference, Orientale Lumen. I dont have any photos from his section of the visit. I think I mostly napped, because I was super pregnant then. He missed meeting Gianna. We hope they both come back to snuggle her soon!