Saturday, December 20, 2008

What a week!

I worked from home Monday to get more rest and recover from the previous week's illness.
Tuesday I went to work and it was ok. Work party afterwards was fun. It was fun to hang out with friends from work and play the white elephant game. I miss drinking alcohol and caffeinated beverages, especially at events like these.
Wednesday I hazed through the day and went to birth class at night. Didn't sleep well that night.
Thursday was even hazier. Slept the second I got home from work, got up at 10 to drink some gatoraide, went back to bed until 7am.
Woke up really happy on Friday, bright and renewed from sleeping so well. Walked to the metro station. but I fell on the way to work. Why can't I walk properly!!! Its so embarrassing to not be able to do a simple thing like walk safely. I was mad all day about it. We had a gingerbread building contest at work and it was fun. We didn't win, but we laughed alot! Tom and I watched Muppet Christmas, Letters to Santa. Went to bed. I was kicked out of bed at 3:30am for fidgeting. Slept in the downstairs bed. Woke up cranky. (Sorry this blog is cranky, its just the mood I'm in. When I'm not cranky, I'm generally very enjoyable...)

Baby status: I think he turned. I can feel kicking below my sternum. I feel a hard mass below my stomach. It is either his head or his butt. If it is his butt, its great. If it is his head, its still good, but I have more work to do to get him in the right spot for delivery.
He kicks and punches and turns all of the time. When I'm trying to sleep, he's just moving and moving and moving. This is another reason I'm not sleeping well. Tom and other people think its amazing to feel and I've been sharing it with people right and left. Lots of my coworkers just come up and touch me now. I let them know if he's moving and where, or not moving and "here's your hand back". Its cool to share the magic with them.

Its coming soon. I could potentially have this baby in 6 weeks and he would be considered full term. I have lots of contractions, more when I am tired (therefore a ton this week).

Here is a picture of me in the tub trying to relax so I'll have a good night of sleep. You can see the linea negra starting to show up. (My makeup is smeared under my eyes.)

Today Tom and I will go to the newly reopened Museum of American History and then to the movies to see Twilight. We also hope to eat out someplace nice and just make a nice day out of this Saturday.

All the best to you, have a nice time leading up to Christmas, and remember, its not about stuff, its about love.

Love, V


  1. I love your bathtub picture! Merry Christmas!

  2. Well, I'm not surprised to see your belly on your blog. BUT, in the words of your grandmother and great grandmother who both would have said OH! MY!

    Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holy Days.