Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Clark Lists.

Here's some lists of things about Clark at 1 year and 3 weeks.

Clark can make the following word-like sounds...

  • mama
  • dada
  • yumyum
  • eggeggegg
  • oh no/uh oh
  • bababababa
  • do (dog)
  • ttttttt (turtle)
  • kkkkkkk (Clark)
  • he also "sings" along with me when I sing to him, its like humming with an open mouth and its precious.
  • he also sings a high note when I play the guitar or he gets excited!

Clark can...
  • clap
  • wave hello
  • wave goodbye (although a minute after the person has left)
  • indicate all done (kind-of)
  • shake his head "no"
  • stab with the fork (like a murderer)
  • get food on his fork
  • fork food into his mouth
  • put the spoon into the bowl/food area
  • put the spoon into his mouth (most of the food falls off, but he's getting better)
  • open cabinets
  • climb stairs
  • go down steps face first - crawling style
  • walk
  • stand up without pulling-up on an object
  • bang objects together
  • "play" the guitar and piano
  • climb into a cardboard box
  • sit happily on his potty chair
  • stand on the potty stool and get his hands washed
  • hug
  • kiss mama and dada
  • blow on our bellies =)
  • sing a very high noted aria.
  • almost always sleep through the night until 6am (we are now working on a 7 am wake up/expect mommy to get-to-work time)

things Clark doesn't like...

  • wearing hats
  • wearing his bike helmet
  • being laid down to get his diaper changed
  • balls or balloons or things that are larger than his head.

things that will make Clark ridiculously happy...
  • being ticked on his knees, toes, and neck
  • extreme peekaboo
  • running between dangling things (strings, curtains)
  • watching himself on video
  • Tom's funny faces
  • plastic Solo cups

things that Clark really likes to do right now.
Drag things around the house including:
  • Alligator Piano/Xylophone drug by the string and mallet
  • Puppy Dog drug by the leash
  • Camera Case drug by the shoulder strap
  • Shoes drug by the laces

Chew on things and walk including:
  • very large cardboard boxes
  • pencils, spoons, long stick-like objects (we remain vigilant for his safety)
Door interactions
  • stand by the door and look out at the world
  • bang on the door
  • open and close the door (but not his fingers- that goes under "dislikes!"
  • climb face first out of the doorstep
Other things
  • walk around with toys and leave them scattered all over the house
  • open and close cabinets and doors
  • inspect everything that looks like a button, grommet, knob or protruding round thing (and see if it has milk in it)
  • turn things like gears or handles and generally try to modify the environment
  • this kid really loves mechanics.
We love him.
Love, Veronica and Tom.

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