Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Crazy Week

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I had morning sickness, or all day sickness. No actual puking, but generally feeling like it would happen at all times.
This makes work really bad.

Wednesday (today) I was great, with renewed energy and very good feeling.

Today, we also wrote a contract and put a bid on a house. We will let you know what happens! OMG! Life is so exciting!
We are also going to a wedding in Wisconsin this weekend.


  1. OMG! You put an offer on a house!!! WOW!!!

    Aunt Carla told me this trick from her Nurse Practitioner. When you wake up nauseaus, get up and eat some oatmeal. I was so sick with Sean. I got up and put the hot water in the microwave, put my face down on the breakfast bar, and heated up the water. Then I stirred in the instant oatmeal, and put my cheek back down on the breakfast bar. A couple of minutes later I shoved that oatmeal down--sometimes with the my face sideways. Uncle Dave walked by and said, not feeling too good this morning?

    Yes, we called it morning sickness, but it was all day/all night. :) Hope its over with quickly.

    Auntie M

  2. YEP! You are pregnant. YEAH!!!
    Aunt Cindi