Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cars and Carousels.


My other blog has some photos of the kids from today.
We rode the Metro (choo choo!) down to the Mall. We walked to the Ellipse of the White House and saw the National Christmas tree and all of the State Trees. Clark and his friend, Owen, were mesmerized by the Choo-Choos! under the big tree. They watched them for about an hour. Iris happily crawled around.
Then we walked on the Mall towards the Carousel near the Smithsonian Castle. We rode it and played in the dirt and rocks nearby. Then we rode the Chooo Chooooo home!
It was a great day.

The kids have also been enjoying one of their Christmas presents.... New Cars! I was assembling them when I took these photos (with my cell phone), but the kids - especially Iris - are crazy for them. Iris will sit in it for hours, opening and closing the door, backing herself into a corner. She even rocked so hard in it that she knocked it over, and then laughed!  What a nutter! Clark loves it when I push his down our driveway (into the grass). It's his roller coaster!


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