Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How to make an awesome holiday...

STEP 1: High 5 on an airplane,

Step 2: Have tons of fun on the airport playground during a layover.

 Step 3: find Cozy Coupe in California. Play in it constantly.

 Step 4: Run around with cousins! Act as crazy and insane as possible (or as your parents allow before asking you to be quiet or calm down).
Step 5: Mimosas!

 Step 6: Open presents with Daddy!

Step 7: Open presents with mommy!

Step 8: Enjoy thyself with thine family.

Step 9: Enjoy thy presents! 


Step 10: Find that Cozy Coupe and PLAY!

or a scooter

or a skateboard with no wheels! Whatever, just have fun!

Step 11: Go to the beach. Dig to China.

Step 12: Go to Wild Animal Park and admire animals.

giraffe tongues!

but don't become one yourself,

enjoy your family

give lots of hugs,

and explore

Step 13: Enjoy local parks and visitors centers. Here's Clark at Mission Trail Visitor Center making a leaf drawing!

and adding a hand leaf to the tree!

Step 14 = SEA WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Step 15: Celebrate life, like Iris' First Birthday!

 Step 16: Visit with Friends, like our NFP teachers Dave and Cheryl.
 Step 17: Love your sister
 and your Nana!

 and Nana's dog ALLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Step 18: Enjoy the Cozy Coupe... did I say that already? Make sure no one is in it though... Ben drove around on Iris' lap for a while before Tom rescued her!
 Step 19: If you have a holiday goal, I recommend pursuing it....
and achieving it! 
 Step 20: Smile

 enjoy family and down time,

Cozy Coupe!!!!!!

 and finally.... enjoy life's little

There was more beach and friend visits, and some surfing too! Maybe we'll post photos of those things, or maybe we won't. But it was a great holiday and we had lots of fun with our little nieces and nephews. Clark loved his cousins, and Iris loved nana's dog! We are glad we went, and we are really glad to be back in our time zone in our own beds. We hope you had a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and a great time in between! Love, the Greenwells!

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