Sunday, January 29, 2012

An interview with Clark

An interview with Clark about the Meadowside Nature Center Preschool Field trip on Tuesday where we played in an indoor outdoor exhibit featuring caves with a slide, eating lunch outside, and playing with dishes.  

Clark, tell me what you did today.
Today, Kathryn said no pushing. I push Owen. No pushing. 
Tell me what we did today. 
We saw Owen and Emily and Kathryn and Sara and we went down the slide.
Where was the slide? 
In the dark cave.
And then what did we do?
Lunch. We ate lunch outside. 
What did you do after you ate lunch?
Sticks with Owen. We picked up fireworks. We collected fireworks. (referring to firewood. Then he sings) What's gonna work? Team work! What's gonna work? Team work! (because they worked together to move giant sticks)
Anything else?
Mommy, then I chopped fireworks for you. Then I made some coffee for you. Then we went down the slide. Then we hit. No hitting. 

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