Sunday, January 22, 2012


Clark and Owen at preschool, well, making a train on our train table, and Abby, another friend and her barbie.

Abby is pretty cute!
 Ok, so here's the sleepover photos.
Our poor friend Kathryn was abandoned by her husband as he went to Jordan for 11 days to do some top secret military stuff. She was soley responsible for care of her son, Owen, for ELEVEN whole days. We took pity upon her and took Owen for the night. It was super fun. What did Kathryn do with her night off? She took her dog to the vet because Iris fed him grapes. Not fun for her, sorry Kathryn, at least you got a break from Owen. 
The boys are reading a Thomas book.

They are playing bumper cars.

And a long bath for all 3 kids.
with silly faces

and bubble beards

her royal adorableness

oh so cute.
It was fun. The end.

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