Sunday, January 29, 2012

Iris Lists

Here's some lists of things about Iris at 1 year and 3 weeks. This is originally a Clark list from the same time. The original can be found here . I'm just going to modify Clark's list by crossing things out and adding some so you know what Iris is up to, and can compare her to Clark as this same age.

IRIS Clark can make the following word-like sounds...

  • mama
  • dada
  • yumyum
  • eggeggegg
  • oh no/uh oh
  • bababababa
  • do (dog)
  • ttttttt (turtle)
  • kkkkkkk (Clark)
  • (S)he also "sings" along with me when I sing to him, its like humming with an open mouth and its precious.
  • (S)he also sings a high note when I play the guitar or (S)he gets excited or when she plays with her Singamathing
  • SHE can say mmmmmm after taking a big bite of food. 
  • SHE has conversations back to you, even though you don't really know what she is saying.
  • She makes engine noises when driving a car or train or other machine
  • She can do our "pee pee" high five that we do with Clark after he pees on the potty. Its a high 5 with a "ptsss" sound
  • She clicks at cats.

Iris Clark can...
  • clap
  • wave hello
  • wave goodbye (although a minute after the person has left) (as soon as you start discussing going somewhere)
  •  indicate all done (kind-of)
  • shake his her head "no"
  • stab with the fork (like a murderer)
  • get food on his fork
  • fork food into his mouth
  • put the spoon into the bowl/food area
  • put the spoon into his mouth (most of the food falls off, but he's getting better)
  • open cabinets
  • climb stairs
  • go down steps face first - crawling style
  • walk
  • stand up without pulling-up on an object
  • bang objects together
  • "play" the guitar and piano
  • climb into a cardboard box
  • sit happily on his potty chair
  • stand on the potty stool and get his hands washed
  • hug
  • kiss mama and dada
  • blow on our bellies =)
  • sing a very high noted aria.
  • almost always sleep through the night until 6am (we are now working on a 7 am wake up/expect mommy to get-to-work time)
  • Iris can additionallly....
    • climb down the stairs, and slide down on her belly like a rocket
    • eat with desire and pleasure
    • slap her legs to a rhythm when certain songs come on
    • dance back and forth
    • swing her arms like holding a baby
    • point
    • feed us food on a spoon
    • put food in my mouth, or in the Singamathing's mouth
    • get us to do just about anything she wants at any time... go figure.

things Iris Clark doesn't like...

  • wearing hats
  • wearing his bike helmet
  • being laid down to get his her diaper changed
  • balls or balloons or things that are larger than his head.
  • getting knocked over by Clark (or Owen) 
  • not getting what she wants when she wants it

things that will make Iris Clark ridiculously happy...
  • being ticked on his knees, toes, and neck
  • extreme peekaboo
  • running between dangling things (strings, curtains)
  • watching himself on video
  • Tom's funny faces
  • plastic Solo cups
  • Iris additionally loves
    • dogs, cats, and any fluffy real or stuffed (including her Elmo chair and pillows)
    • music
    • being lifted up into the air in order to enjoy things on the ceiling or on a high shelf
    • climbing up onto anything so she is higher
    • Clark's funny faces
    • food

things that Clark really likes to do right now.
Drag things around the house including:
  • Alligator Piano/Xylophone drug by the string and mallet
  • Puppy Dog drug by the leash
  • Camera Case drug by the shoulder strap
  • Shoes drug by the laces

Chew on things and walk including:
  • very large cardboard boxes
  • pencils, spoons, long stick-like objects (we remain vigilant for his safety)
Door interactions
  • stand by the door and look out at the world
  • bang on the door
  • open and close the door (but not his fingers- that goes under "dislikes!"
  • climb face first out of the doorstep
Other things
  • walk around with toys and leave them scattered all over the house
  • open and close cabinets and doors
  • inspect everything that looks like a button, grommet, knob or protruding round thing (and see if it has milk in it)
  • turn things like gears or handles and generally try to modify the environment
  • this kid really loves mechanics.
Iris things
  • play with balls
  • play with cars or trains or busses or things with wheels
  • color on a magnadoodle
  • play with an electronic "ipad" thing that she got for Christmas
  • anything that makes music
  • opening and closing desk drawers
  • taking things out of boxes, laundry baskets, cabinets
  • putting things into boxes, laundry baskets, cabinets. 
  • going down the slide
  • swinging
  • climbing stairs 
  • climb the playground structure and go down the curly slide all by herself.
We love him. 
We do love Clark, be we love Iris too. She's amazing.
Love, Veronica and Tom.

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