Saturday, December 19, 2009

Baby it's cold outside!

In the last 26 hours we have been hit by THE BLIZZARD OF 2009!!!!
The News was trying to name it and some of the names they came up with were:

There were more, but I can't remember. I came up with Blizzard Snotrina. Which isn't that great, but amused me.

We went outside to play in it last night. See how it was so sweet and tender in the beginning?

Tom and I "snoskated" in the street with our neighbors Sandy and Danny.

It was all very very exciting.

Today, Tom was outside for about 4 hours total. The first time, he shoveled the sidewalk and part of the driveway. I saw him in the back yard, doing a snow angel. Then, while on his back, he covered his legs with snow and reclined. He opened his mouth and was catching the flakes as they fell. I felt bad that I wasn't outside with him, but I also felt that he was insane and I fortunately didn't have that problem.
The second time he went out to shovel the snow, he didn't come back for a while. He really likes snow.
I stayed indoors and watched Anne of Green Gables and cried my eyes out at the end. I don't remember crying that hard in the past. I think when you have a family your perception of things is very different.

We got about 15 inches when we took this pic. Now (10:30pm) we have about 17.

In other news Clark has a cold or something, and my throat hurts. This is another reason I did not spend hours frolicking in the snow.

I stayed indoors and made 1. chicken stock. 2. yummmmmmy Black Bean, Pinto and Chicken Chili 3. Kolacha (Tom and I made this together while Clark watched from his high chair).

We just watched Elf on CBS and are now going to bed.

xxxxxoooooXXXOXOOXXOO Eskimo Kisses from the Greenwells!!!!

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