Sunday, December 20, 2009

More snow (and some old stuff)

Here are more pictures of the snow, some older pics I don't think I posted.

Like Father like Son. Tom and Clark gaze out at the snow.

What did they see???????????????

The cars totally covered!

Here's another view!!!

And another - slightly shovelled.

Our house

The Snow Canyon (our sidewalk)

I did a lot of shoveling! It was fun!

Our neighbor had a Snow Thrower and was Throwing snow off of the sidewalk and neighbor's driveways including ours! Thanks Charlie. He gave Tom a quick lesson. And he took off! He cleared another neighbor's driveway! Here's a random photo of Clark in the tub! Here is a picture of Clark and I with Santa and his Elf! After the shoveling was completed we went for a walk with our neighbors. The baby here has had some play dates with Clark before. She lives down the street and is 5 weeks younger than our boy. Her name is Simone.

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