Friday, June 19, 2009

7 Quick Takes

Another blog that I just started reading does this 7 quick takes Friday thing, so I will do it too. Enjoy.

Since there are quite a few new readers this week, I wanted to take a moment to invite you all to join us in 7 Quick Takes Friday tomorrow. It's the simplest blog carnival on the web: just list seven thoughts that are too short for a blog post but too long for Twitter.

1. (You may want to read yesterday's post before this one) The alarm wasn't finished going off.
Although it was outside, ripped out of the wall and all attaching wires, and smashed with a hammer, the little box was waiting for me. It must have a motion sensor on it or something because I stepped outside and it started squealing again! I finally called the company and begged for their help. I picked up the chirping alarm and the man on the phone told me to put a screwdriver into the faceplate and remove it. When I did this, the alarm went off again, this time louder than before (honestly, how many different noises can this thing make?) The man on the phone says, "oh, I didn't know it was armed." I told him, "yeah, thats why we need it to stop working, it keeps going off" So he told me how to open it and cut the battery wires. This time he promised me it would not be bothering us anymore.

2. I really enjoy breastfeeding. I love holding Clark and looking at his face partially mashed into my boob. He suckles, he smiles, he grunts, he falls asleep, he smiles some more. I can view his pretty eyelashes and his hair swirls. He grabs his ear, my bra strap or flings his arm across his eyes or my chest. I know some women have problems in the beginning, some babies have problems latching, some women have problems whipping their ladies out in public. but not me, I feel like I could breastfeed him forever.

3. the show Wife Swap is very interesting. It really shows the watcher how every mom thinks what they do is the best. It is funny to me that the moms who over schedule their children (even though they are well intentioned) always come back to their homes with revolt against the schedule. AND the moms who live in crazy houses: swamp house, halloween house, motorcycle house, tend to come home and find that their husbands now help clean up more, but their kids hated the other mom and love their crazy house mom the best.

4. Do other parents have a sensor that lets them know when a baby is crying? Mine goes off all of the time. It is going off right now, but I have the monitor on and MY baby is not making any noise. It must be the neighbors.

5. Do parents who co-sleep get any REM sleep? Do they dream? The few times I do it, I always sleep like crap because I am afraid of hurting my boy. Last night I did it because I was sick and I'm tired of getting up to nurse him all of the time. I forgot he was there and I wacked him in the head. He slept through it, and I slept like crap.

6. I enjoy blogging but I wonder if anyone ever reads it, and I wonder who those people are. I mainly write this blog for my mother and post things that would be interesting to her. Everyone else that reads it is Lagniappe.

7. Hey! I hear my baby making noise now, maybe the radar came on early so I would be ready! haha! Also, does anyone else name all of their future babies in their head? Ever since we had Clark I've been naming all of my other, future childen. It is annoying and I wish I could do something else with my time up in there!


  1. I do read & enjoy the pix very much. Wish I had more time to re-read. Love you very much

  2. I want you to know, that I have read every entry to this blog and I love, love, love the photos! Its a wonder to me to see the woman you have become and to share a peek at your new life with your baby son and your hubby. Wish we lived closer! Auntie M

  3. YES! keep writting. love, Mom

  4. Yes! keep writting! Love, Mom