Saturday, July 18, 2009

15 things we learned during the 3 day sleep experiment

1. Clark needs/wants/gets 4 naps per day, about 45 minutes each although he can sleep for longer if I pick him up and nurse him when he first wakes up.
2. Naps now naturally occur about every hour and a half.
3. naps after 5pm are perfectly fine (take that Pediatrician!)
4. The signal for tiredness is now eye rubbing and NOT yawning
5. Best bedtime for Clark is between 8 and 9 pm
6. wakeup time varies between 6 and 8 am
7. Clark can fall asleep by himself with little/no crying most of the time!
8. Reading a book, singing a song, rocking, playing mobile in crib is tooooo long of a wind down routine for a daytime nap. song and mobile is just enough
9. nursing upon waking is fine and Clark won't starve to death if I do it that way.
10. changing diaper before nap works to keep him clean and dry for sleeping
11. i can change Clark's diaper while he is asleep and he doesn't mind
12. Night time and nap time routines can be different
13. While a routine is nice, its not completely necessary (right now) to get good sleep
14. It's challenging to do this now, but it will be even harder when he can cry, "mama mama, mama" from his crib and I'm glad we did it now.
15. When he is 5 months old, we will probably start to help him to stay sleeping after a nap and during the night without lifting him out of the crib.

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