Monday, October 5, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Yeah, its October, I know, but I never posted these pics and told the story of our Labor Day Weekend.

We had planned on visiting Tom's Uncle Ray and Aunt Karla in New York. We even bought bus tickets. However, Tom wasn't feeling well, so we cancelled the trip. After resting and getting better on Saturday and Sunday, he was feeling pretty good on Monday. We decided to take a day trip.

We looked at the map to see where we could go in a few hours that was awesome enough, yet low energy enough, to warrant the trip. We decided to Go West! We had our hearts set on Sideling Hill. Its a big, giant mountain that the gov'ment cut a big gash in so they could put a road through it! Its also at a point in MD that is like a mile wide from West Virginia to Pennsylvania.

Here is a view from the air (taken from Google Images)

Along the way we stopped at the C&O Canal near Hancock, MD. We went to the visitors center and learned about the aqueducts of the C&O Canal, a little bit more about how it was made, and how it was defeated by the train. We walked along it and the Potomac River, as well as the MD Rail Trail for bike riding.

After visitng that stuff, we set out for our Geological Wonder of the Eastern States.

the visitors center was closed. BOOOOO

Fortunately, you could still climb up the side of the mountain (a little bit) and view the hill and take some photos.

It was very interesting. We would definitely like to come back when the visitor's center is open. We looked in the windows and they have some interesting stuff in there!!!

Then we drove to Pennsylvania and looked at some nature through the car windows. We also got out and bought fireworks. Wee hee!!!

Too bad its illegal to set off fireworks in Montgomery County. =( booo

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