Friday, November 6, 2009

Clark's Baptism

We finally got some pictures from Clark's baptism! Here are the ones that Tom's Chiropractor took.
Here's the group shot of almost everyone who attended the baptism.

Here are the baptism boys! I say that because Clark had his scheduled baptism that morning, and dad had an impromptu one that evening at our house!

Clark's Godparents are Josh and Ashley, their son is John Paul. In this picture are also my parents, us, and the celbrant of the baptism, Deacon Frank Salatto.
This photo was taken in the area where they do baptisms without lots of guests, we had lots so we had the altar set up for us. You will see in later photos.

Here's Clark dying to himself in the water's of baptism.

And here he is, reborn into a life of Christ!

Ashley clothes him in his new white garmet.

Josh carries the light of Christ!

We sing, "Come to the water" to celebrate his new life!

One big, happy, Christian family!

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