Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cookies, pregnancy, MoCo Fair.

I miss the days when I wrote fun stories and thoughtful posts here. I think those days are over, and now this blog is a picture purge for me (and you). I have written some really nice blogs in my head about motherhood, our family, Clark being an older sibling, our new baby Joy being a second born, going to the fair, and a nice one on nature walks. When I sit down, however, I want to load photos as fast as possible and then go take a nap. We are on one nap per day and I need that one to make it through the afternoon!

So I'm posting a smorgasboard of photos here.

Clark and I made some cookies. He is a pretty good helper, although here, he is just helping to clean the spoon. He can stir with lots of supervision and pour things into the bowl. He also wants to eat raw cookie dough, which we keep to a minimum.

I'm pregnant. I'm almost 23 weeks, which means I'm almost in the 3rd trimester. Holy cow. It has gone so quickly and has been so painless compared to the pregnancy with Gumbo. I hardly feel like complaining - which I'm sure makes these posts better to read. I feel the baby kick every day, usually in the evening after dinner and in bed. It is so sweet. My hips aren't driving me crazy yet, but I have some pain in my sacrum. I got a deep tissue massage this week - and since then I've been having some strong Braxton-Hicks contractions. Next time, I'll stick to sweedish prenatal massaging - but DEEP TISSUE WAS AWESOME! and exactly what I needed to get rid of every bit of back tension I've ever had ever.

Clark, Tom and I went to the Montgomery County Fair this past week. We saw tons of farm animals, balloons, bees, plants, vegetables, and the DEMOLITION DERBY! It was so much fun to watch the cars smashing into eachother. Next year they are doing mini-vans, so we are coming back. We might have to do monster truck rally night too!

In the photos, Clark is just in his diaper because he had some snowball. The day before we had had one and he got the juice all over the stroller. Then the stroller got swarmed by bees. This day, I let him eat the sweet delicious icy concoction. Then, I stripped him naked, washed the stroller, rinsed his clothes in the bathroom sink with soap, and made sure he wasn't sticky. I never bring extra clothes with me, and it was really hot, so we let him play in his diaper. We stayed at the fair very late that night, and Clark stayed up till 10pm! He fell asleep within one minute of getting in the car!

We also saw some "Freak" animals at the fair. They live in a pasture 8 months of the year, and the other 4 tour fairs. Here is a 5 legged sheep. I love sheep. I wish we could have a pet sheep, even a 5 legged one. They are so sweet when they BAAAA at you. Clark loves them too.

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  1. Loved the update & photos today. All the things you don't have time to write down, you just ponder them in your heart. xoxo