Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pretty Good 1st Saturday of October

Despite me being on antibiotics and Veronica having a bad cough/cold today, we ended up having a pretty good day. I have gotten back into model rocketry since high school and college, and planned on launching some rockets today. In the morning, we launched some rockets with Veronica, Clark, and our neighbor friends Dan and Eva. It worked out pretty well with a clear day and low winds, and we had a secondary launch site that worked out for low altitude launches. Our primary choice was a nice park but there were tents set up there and a big field was fenced off, so we decided to try a high school nearby. After a nap, we did some grocery shopping, then in the evening Veronica and I had dinner and mini-golf. It was a great day! Here are some videos of the rocket launches:

And another one of a smaller rocket that we almost lost:

Finally, this is the cutest rocket launch video where Clark presses the ignition key (at T-minus negative 2) and then claps:

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