Saturday, September 17, 2011

New York -

We drove up to New York last weekend to stay with Uncle Ray and Aunt Karla. They live in Long Beach, Long Island. It took about 6 hours with stops and both kids did excellently. It was a trial trip for driving down to Louisiana for Thanksgiving, and again this March.

The trip happened over the 9/11 weekend, so we stayed in Long Beach and didn't venture into the city. We hung around Ray and Karla's house. We went to the beach. Here are some photos.

There was a sailing regatta AND a Quicksilver surfing competition this weekend. Ray and Tom went out to surf (not in the competition, just in the ocean). I think two of these surfers might be them.

The kiddies played in the sand. Iris mostly ate it. I built castles and Clark would smash them. We found 2 sand crabs.

Iris had fun exploring their house and playing with their doggies! Both of the kids loved playing with the dogs' toys!

We did a lot of standing around and talking. We also did some sitting and talking.
Tom's cousin Paul came out from Brooklyn and visited with us. He brought his girlfriend, Stephanie, who is in midwifery school. We had a lot to talk about. ;-)

And one last photo demonstrating the incredible height of Uncle Ray,
and the incredible adorableness of Iris.

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