Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Florida Keys

We went on our annual Florida trip for the last time earlier this May. We spent a week in Lauderdale By the Sea at the Sea Lord Hotel which is completely awesome.  Then we drove to the Everglades and then down to the Florida Keys. My Aunt Carla lives on Summerland Key. We were just there a weekend, and here's some photos from it.  We are so glad we took the time to go down there, and would love to do it again (maybe faaaar into the future)
Iris and Clark being cuties in the Ft. Lauderdale Airport
with my cousin Kelly

Southernmost Point of the USA

And again

Kids enjoying some ice cream at a shop in Key West
Kids REALLY enjoying that Ice Cream!

Tom, V and Clark Kayaking off of Cudjoe Key

in my brother's narrative: WEIRDO: "HA HA HA !....LOOK AT THESE TOO DELICIOUS LOOKING CHILDREN!" Children: "We promise to eat our green beans. Please SAVE US!"   WEIRDO: "They're slow and easy to catch around this stream. I GOT TWO!"

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