Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Once there was a tree

And that tree got sick and had to be removed. 

The tree and the men and their equipment. 1 cherry picker, 1 giant hook truck, and a tree eater, and a big truck for the tree crumbs. 

He's smoking AND cutting the tree with a gasoline powered chainsaw.
He liked the audience! 
and here's the big tree trunk grabber truck!

you can see the dark, diseased tree part on the right. 

After the men left, I cleaned up the stump. 
and we honored it. 
by sitting on it and making it feel useful 

and then the stump grinder truck came. 
and the tree was gone. 


  1. Wow, bittersweet, love your storytelling

  2. Nice blog Veronica! Clark looks just like Tom in that picture on the stump. Did you all have to pay for the tree removal? Did you get to keep the mulch?


  3. Love it! It's great that you honored the stump.