Friday, February 1, 2013

Life is fun and learning

an amazing thing is happening at our house...
our kids are growing!

Clark is learning so much, and has become such a ... boy... a child... 
he's not a baby anymore
he's not a toddler
and sure, he's a preschooler, but he's.... learning so much!  

He can trace letters and write words when he does it. 
He can read the words

The kids LOVE it when Tom gets home from work. They climb all over him, and he doesn't disappoint. He picks them up, throws them around, lets Clark (and often BOTH) sit on his feet as he walks around the house.

They are constantly looking for physical challenges like climbing, balancing, hopping, jumping, hopping, and twirling (is that a challenge?) 

except, I don't like jumping off at the end! 
Being the best parents in the world, we let them jump on the bed - and climb on the head board - and often into the window frame to jump off of it onto the bed. 
One day, these monkeys will be bumping their heads, but so far, they've been pretty injury-free. 

Here's some more climbing. 

And on icky days, trapped indoors...
we learn in other ways. 
I recently went outside of my comfort zone and made a sensory bin. 
Its rice, and there are things hidden in the rice...
you can see a pile of hidden treasures in the middle bottom of the picture. 
They scooped, poured, and moved the rice around for hours one snowy afternoon. 

it is a wild ride... this parenting.. but these kids are simply awesome.  

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  1. very awesome. you are brave to give them a pile of rice to play with. Tom must have fine legs to use those ankle weights often. I'm happy for your happiness! Love you all, Mom