Friday, November 28, 2008

2 down, 4 to go

So, Julie and Tim Maxwell had their little girl, Mary Elizabeth, on 11/21/08. Congratulations to them! There is only one more to go: Josh and Ashley Brumfield, before we are due. EEEEEKK!!!
I still think it will be interesting to see if Shanti and Ravi or Katie and Brian have their babies first.
On Thanksgiving I hit the 3rd trimester mark. I'm in the home stretch. EEEK!
I'm still very comfortable in my skin and am just beginning to notice difficulty/slowness in my movements. I have to remind myself to walk slower - its ok, I'm not in a hurry.
This week I was walking to work and *SPLAT* I wasn't walking anymore. I have some bruises on my knee, and my elbow hurt for a few days, but I feel fine now. The baby is moving a bunch - so I am pretty sure he is ok. I went to the midwife on Tuesday for a regularly scheduled appointment and they said he was fine.
We had a bunch of questions for the midwife and it was our longest appointment ever. There are 5 midwives in the practice and we found one that we really like. We hope she is the one that comes to help us deliver. Her name is Alice.
We are also on a quest to find a birth assistant. This person is the equivalent to a nurse, she does the blood pressure and other vitals, and backs the midwife up. She also can act as a doula and help with the process of labor. We interviewed a few and found one that is very motherly and we think she might work nicely.
We had a happy thanksgiving. It is my favorite holiday because it involves eating and hanging out with people you love, two things which I really adore.
Tom's sister, Andrea, her husband and their baby came over, as did one of Tom's little brothers, James. We ate turkey and stuffing and potatoes and sweet potatoes and more. After dinner we went for a walk in the park near our house. We saw a bunch of deer, and the sun was setting over the hill, making the sky a deep crimson red. Very lovely.
Today James, Andrea, the baby and I are going to DC to do touristy stuff. Tom and Jake are working. Tomorrow we will go to the zoo.
I send everyone love, especially my immediate birth family, who I usually spend Thanksgiving with, sorry we couldn't this year, but we love you so much and missed you a lot. We look forward to next year!

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  1. Im getting better on the guitar, im just about through my first instructional book and will be starting the next one so, i need to work on chord changing and getting faster