Friday, November 7, 2008

6 months: Little hands and feet

We're 24 weeks. 6 months. 6 MONTHS PREGNANT!!! That's almost the third trimester!!!!!!

I forgot to mention last week that Gumbo is stirring up my body. His precious little arms and legs are kicking me all over. Its fabulous. For anyone who has never felt it, I would describe it like the inside of a drum. I feel the boom of the kick or punch, but there is no noise. It would be awesome if I made noise when he kicked. When he kicks or punches, I feel like he making an inside joke with me. I love it.
He is kicking my lower left belly, i can feel it on the belly side and on the lower floor of my pelvis (that doesn't feel to good). Then I can feel teeny tiny punches up near my liver

I am still tired, tired, tired from my trip. This weekend will bring little rest. Tom went to Minnesota for his 10 year college reunion. My best friend, Liz, is coming in town at 2am tonight with her boyfriend, Mikey. I'm sure we will laugh and have so much fun.

My biggest issue this week is incredible back and hip pain. I think it all started with an adorable outfit that I wore on Tuesday. It involved a skirt, tights and a really cute pair of heels. I felt fine all day, but when I took my shoes off at night, my hips started aching. Then when I laid down to sleep I couldn't find a comfy spot on my side. Sleeping on my stomach was difficult, sleeping on my back was bad too. All week at night I fidgeted and adjusted (driving Tom CRAZY) and got very little rest.
Its Friday and my hips don't lie, they scream. So tonight I took a bath in Epsom salt, it helped a bit... but I doubt tonight will be a silent night. The good thing about tonight is that Tom is in Minnesota and I have the bed to myself, and can adjust away without worrying I'm waking him up.

Even better is that Liz is here tomorrow when I wake up! Its like Santa is bringing her! YAY!

We started taking Bradley birth classes this week, they were nice.

Oh! Exciting news: our friends Craig and Christina had their baby this week. We hung out with them in August for Adam and Stephanie's wedding. They delivered a baby girl, Samantha Rose, weighing just over 8 lbs at a birth center in Mississippi. They were so happy because they had a successful VBAC and a wonderful birth experience as opposed to their first child's delivery which was a forced C-section due to a breech. Tom and I are so happy for them. Samantha Rose is our God daughter and will get baptized in NOLA area first weekend of January. We will not attend the baptism due to our own impending birth.

When I called Tom and told him about Samantha, he said, "Oh no! That means our birth is that much closer!" I told him, "no it doesn't, we have plenty of time!" EEK

Two babies to go until Gumbo.
1st: Julie and Tim (a girl)
2nd: Josh and Ashley (a mystery)
3rd: US!
4th: Shanti and Ravi (a boy)
5th: Katie and Brian (a boy)

It will be interesting to see if the last 3 are born in that order, we are all 2 weeks apart!
More next week!
I love you!!!

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  1. Hey, you forgot us. We had a baby girl . She's been home now 6 weeks and doing fine.

    Aunt Cindi