Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Life is amazing.

Every day, Tom and I are amazed that this little person came out of me and was a result of our love. Every day, we are amazed at how he grows and does new things. Its incredible how much he's grown. We are shocked to find our favorite Clark outfits no longer fit him! I constantly go to the bags of gifted and handed down clothes to pull out the next biggest thing. He will never wear-out any of the cute things he has.

Clark is a funny little boy. I will be holding or feeding him and talking on the phone, watching TV, playing on the computer, reading or day dreaming. Then I will look down and he will have a massive grin on his little face. Suddenly, I feel bad for ignoring him. Then I'll pick him up and he will laugh or smile. He is very social and loves to laugh and smile. See?

The most tender moments have been at nighttime when rocking him to sleep. For two nights in a row, I've looked down to see a beautiful, huge grin on his sleeping face. Wow. Now that's what I call positive reinforcement. I will rock him to sleep forever, just like the mommy in "I love you forever"

He is getting stronger every day. While he works on his neck control on the floor he likes to work out his legs too. I prematurely put him into the doorway jumper to see if he could use it yet.

He's still too small (don't worry, I held his neck). One of his feet could touch the floor and he spun around on it a little bit, but I know he wants to push up on them.

We took him into the big bath with me this week because we were too lazy to use the baby bath. Let me tell you it is way easier and way more fun to clean him that way! Then he got to "swim" around in the water. He pushed off of my tummy like it was the side of the pool and he did the baby backstroke to the edge of the tub!

There are so many things about being a parent that I love. I love the smiles and laughs. I love his coos, but most of all I love that I am growing more and more patient. I know! Me! Patient! I no longer want to speed when I drive, its no problem to stand in lines, and I will try to put him to sleep for hours without it bothering me anymore. When I was a youth minister, parents always told me I had a bunch of patience, well now I think I really do!

Clark loves to watch mouths right now. When we eat he watches intently, and moves his tongue in his mouth. When we make noises and stick out our tongues at him, he LOVES it! He loves singing and when we talk. He tries to talk back to us. Posting all three of these videos may be overkill, but I love that Clark is willing to converse with us. Here are just some examples of how much fun it is to talk to Clark.

We have not visited Shanti and her babies yet, but will go Friday.

This weekend we went to a craw fish boil! YAY! We didn't bring our cameras so we have no cool pictures from it. We also left Clark with a babysitter for the first time (Thanks Anna!) and we went to the movies. We saw: X-man origins: Wolverine. It was awesome. We checked in with Anna to see how Clark was doing, and the answer was "fine" So, we went to La Tasca and had some tapas. It was a great weekend!

The week ahead brings: getting our car fixed, the VCUG (test to see if he will get chronic UTIs), visiting Shanti, hanging out, and then a Drs visit for 2 month check-up complete with vaccination! weeeeeee!

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