Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bollywood dance class!

Tom and I took a Bollywood dance class this spring. It was the first thing we've really done for ourselves in a long, long, long time. We had neighbors babysit Clark in exchange for watching their kids sometime. At our last class we had a little recital. One of our friends/babysitters came along and took some film and photos. She held Clark during the performance.

Clark's little vest is from Afghanistan. My outfit is my own, which I won off of an internet contest. It was sent to me from India! I applied to the contest in college when I was dancing in Masala and Divali festivals @ Tulane with IATU (Indian Association of Tulane University). The whole class was 5 weeks long, so we are not totally awesome, but here is the first minute of our 5 minute dance.


  1. Y'all look cute and Bollywood appropriate except for the Hawaiian dude.

  2. Very cool! Importantly, looks like you had fun! --Scott C (not so anonymous)

  3. You guys are so awesome!! what a fun idea!! We'll have to copy you!

  4. dito on the "awesome"! that made my day. Tom is super cute.