Monday, June 28, 2010


So I've been meaning to write for a while, but have just been emailing photos from my cell phone instead. I promise to try to write a blog with words at least once a month from here on out...

One thing that we really love right now is family. Tom, Veronica, and Clark. When you first get married, it takes a while to stop having conversations like, "we have to visit your family for this holiday." or "well that's how your family does it, but mine does it differently." Eventually you develop your own your twosome, threesome, or moresome into your own family. We definitely are now, and its a wonderful thing.

When Tom comes home from work we usually share a hug and/or a kiss, just some quiet time between husband and wife. Clark, however, knows that this is a special time and has made it family time. He rushes over and climbs between our legs, reaching up to be lifted into our hug. He gives us kisses and lays his head across our chests.

The fact that he does this is one of my proudest parenting accomplishments. Our son knows that we, three, are family. He knows that we belong together and that we are a source of love and nourishment.

I pray that as my belly grows larger and our newest baby makes his/her presence known, that Clark can open his heart to an expanding concept of family. We are happy to welcome this new being into our lives now, but wait for the birth this winter around New Years.
Love to all,
Veronica, Tom, Clark and baby Joy. The Greenwell Family

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