Monday, September 20, 2010

25 weeks

Hey! Here I am 25 weeks along. I feel massive, but when I look at the photo I think, "thats not as big as I feel" oh well. Baby Joy is pretty happy in there and getting stronger every day. I get lots of punches and kicks. Its a fun time.

Clark is a tremendous cutie. see? He loves being outside, pens, cups and anything else he can get his hands on! He says "hel-lo" "bye bye" and "thank you" at the appropriate times, with mostly no promting. He can also say some other words like Cracker, make animals noises, and is picking up new sounds every day. Yesterday we walked in Rock Creek and I was trying to get him to say "river" and he sounded like Hellen Keller when he responded, "roh roh" but we get the idea, and its beyond the "ga ga" he makes for most other words he can't sound out.

Here are Clark and Bernadette checking out the turtle at the nature center. I've finished watching Bernadette and she's in daycare now. Lauren and I hope we can still get together once a week or so. As I type this, Clark is pointing at Bernadette and saying "Ba dat" he's excited to see her, but doesn't realize she wont be coming today.
Clark is a sneaky boy and often does things we think are really funny, such as hide things under the sink, or line up favorite toys at the door in the hopes that we might let him outside. Here he is looking sneaky with his alphabet fridge thing. He has some blue makeup on his eye from a fun trip to the mall and the makeup store Sephora where he and Beradette kept reaching for the makeup samples. The one they got their fingers in was this crazy blue.

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  1. We can certainly get together. I'm sure B misses Clark, but she can't tell me yet. See you soon! Wed?