Thursday, September 16, 2010

Music at the park

We're at Cabin John Park today. Clark made some music by banging a stick on a bell. Its funny cause he wa kind of afraid of it.
I had a midwife appointment yesterday and I'm still pregnant, and getting pregnanter. I'm at about 25 weeks now, ending m 2nd trimester. I'm so happy with the way this pregnancy is going. I feel huge, but know I will laugh at that statement in 2 months.
My sister Katie will be having her little girl anyday now. Its very exciting that our family is getting bigger!
I just signed Clark up for swim lessons, so we'll be going to the pool weekly until mid- December. I got a really cute maternity swimsuit :-). We went to the pool this week. I swam laps with Clark perched on my tummy for the backstroke and him in the crook of my arm and sholder for side stroke. It was fun, but Mr skinny got cold fast.
Speaking of Mr skinny, at his 18 month checkup he was back in 25th percentile for weight! Yay! We really like our pediatrician, which is a huge blessing. We hope he's on duty when Joy comes so he gets to see him/her right away.
That's all for now! Love, V
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