Wednesday, January 26, 2011

3 weeks and counting

Well, we've made it to 3 weeks of Iris. yay! (this is yawning, not crying. =) )
We are doing remarkably well, almost entirely due to the incredible care given to us by our mothers. My mom was here for 10 days,
we had one day off (eek!) and Tom's mom has been here for another 10 days. She is leaving tomorrow afternoon and then we'll see how we survive! another eek!

We have had lots of visits from friends, and lots of cold weather keeping us indoors. This is Brian and Will Clark with Clark. Will is a few days younger than Clark and loves saying "cheese!" for the camera!

Clark remains an excellent little boy, he is doing very, very well with Iris.

He is pretty gentle with her, and will even entertain her when I ask him too. He will show her his trucks and point out things in books for her.

He is really sweet with her. I'm so happy that both of them have a sibling. I keep thinking I have a "Stephen and Veronica" (like me and my brother) and that makes me really, really happy. Clark continues to find ways to incorporate her into the family life. The other day he gave her a "hat" =)
What are Iris's firsts now? She has been to the Croydon Creek Nature center 2 times already, once with both grand mother. She has been to two Italian, one Indian, and one Chinese resturants. She has been to Mass twice, a talk on Theology of the Body, and a volunteer "thank you" banquet at our Church. Iris got her first bath at 2.5 weeks and she has now been to Costco. I'd say she has had a pretty eventful life so far. =)

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  1. we love the picture of Iris with her hat. So cute!! We have all (mo, Will, Ivy, and Ruby) been watching movies of Clark. Very fascinating!