Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Clark's last day as an only child.

So, I think I need to turn my phone the other way, but alas, next time I'll have to do it. This time I already blew it. (hey, a poem!)

This is footage I took on January 6th around lunchtime. Clark and I took a long walk to get some fresh air and to see if I was in labor or not. There are things I really want to remember in my life - and one thing I really love is the light in winter. I love Clark as a toddler. I love how fast he runs and how joyous he is. These little videos aren't really "interesting" but they make my heart happy - so I'm sharing them.

I wish I had filmed that one a few seconds longer. Right after I turned the camera off, he turned around and said, "Let's Go!"

This was later on that same walk. He really likes running over the bridge. I love the sound his feet and the metal make. Sometimes we throw things into the river and watch them float away. (Don't I have the most awesome life?)

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