Monday, February 14, 2011

almost 6 week update.

Iris is cool. She is still the sleepiest baby I've ever had. She wakes up from about 9-10 am and again from 8pm-11:30ish. She has a few other wakeful times in the day and night to nurse and get changed, but mostly sleeps. When she is awake she enjoys looking around and when she sees a familiar face, she smiles. Her smile is wonderful to behold, because it is a smile of recognition and baby love, of appreciation and joy. She sucks on her hands and recently has been enjoying her bouncy chair. We have tried putting her in the floor gym and some tummy time, but she doesn't like those things so far.
One thing I've noticed about her is that she seems somewhat anxious sometimes. But, if you hold her hand or make eye contact, you can see in her eyes a big sigh of relief. I can see her settle into a thought that is like, "I'm gonna be ok now, I'm with this lady, and it's gonna be ok." Even when I am holding her, I've noticed that she likes to be cradled closely, and not held with two hands behind the head and bottom. She likes to be close and secure. Interestingly enough, she doesn't like being swaddled - which is contrary to Clark who was very secure and independent from the get go, but desperately needed it to relax and fall asleep...
I actually want to do a post that compares them and my experience with them so far. I know you aren't supposed to do that, but I want to remember their differences and similarities, so I'm going to anyway. Hopefully it won't bite me in the butt 30 years from now when they are in therapy! haha!
Iris also has full blown baby acne. I've never seen something as beautiful as our little girl, that is simultaneously a hideous mess. I hope it clears up soon! eek!
Iris firsts: our local kid gym, the National Zoo, the Building Museum, and the Botanical Gardens. She pretty much slept through all of them, but she's been there!
Clark is wonderful. He has blossomed and grown so much in the past month. Even his grandma, papa, and nana would be impressed - and they were all here in the last 2 months.
Clark can count to 4, and when you count with him, he knows 9 comes after 8 - but can't get to 8 quite yet!
Clark can recognize some of the letters of the alphabet and is obsessed with it right now. He can't do the song, but points at the letters on things (newspapers, boxes, Iris's clothing) and guesses what they are. We hung the alphabet up in his room, but he ripped half of it down already. Yes, it was the half above his bed. =)

Clark is a pretty good communicator and wants to talk a lot now. He even picked up the phone and tried to call Nana yesterday, and then he tried to call Papa. He loves books and is joining in the stories by "reading" the picture at the appropriate spot. We do this mostly with Green Eggs and Ham where Clark contributes the "house, mouse, car, tree, train, boat" parts of the line. He is learning emotions, some from all of the winter/sick/pregnancy/newborn TV we've been watching, and some from his sister. He can identify crying and when people are being naughty. Additionally, he has sympathy for dying people on TV. What a sweet boy. (note: we definitely plan on cutting out the TV when we aren't trapped inside hiding from the cold, or dealing with illness - this has been the sickest winter ever =( boooo )

Even with all of the TV watching he's been doing - he doesn't seem like a boob quite yet. He has learned so much the last few months, and has a great imagination and sense of fun. Here he is playing in the house that his Aunts and Uncles Greenwell bought for him. (well, they got the car seats that came in the box for Iris, but Clark loves his house!)

We are working on planning his second birthday party and are amazed at how much he's grown - and how much he WILL grow. One day he will be taller than us, smarter than us, and hey, he's already better looking. =)

I'm getting ready to start teaching again in late March. I will be teaching the new childbirth method called "Brio" ( I'm going to a training for it in early March. The training will go over the method, but also how to be a better teacher, and how to better run my business. I've made a website to help me out if you'd like to check it out.

I'm also planning on working at the spring retreat for our youth group in April. I'm trying to talk Tom into joining us - either as a leader, or just by coming along. The kids really love hanging out with Clark and think he is super fun. They also like Tom. Tom was a great chaperone for the youth ski trip a few weeks ago. Iris will be going either way.

That's it. Keep us in your prayers as we fight to overcome winter illness, boredom and sloth. Wishing you the best, and a life FULL of love! Happy Valentine's Day!

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