Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Laughter is the best .... when it is from a 2 year old.

Clark has a very funny sense of humor. His favorite joke right now is pretending to sleep. He will put his head down and close his eyes. Then he'll spring up and say "WAKE!" He will also put food on a fork, lay the fork down and say, "sleeping!" and then lift it and say "awake" He does it with animal crackers, upright they are "awake" and he'll lay them down and shout "sleeping" He thinks it is hilarious. His other favorite joke right now is fake choking. That's every mother's favorite thing right? Geeze. The kid will take a big bite of food and make a choking noise. I'll react appropriately towards my choking son. He will then shout "faking!" Which is what I said incredulously the first time he did it. "You were faking?!?!?!" The main problem with his "faking" is that he now also chokes more often. He is really cramming food in his mouth nowadays. I see other kids his age doing it, so maybe it is a developmental milestone. The kids that have good enough supervision survive to reach the age of 3, right? Today we watched The Jungle Book. This kid thought it was the funniest movie of all time. He laughed so much at it. I know Baloo is funny, but that's not what he loved the most. He loooooovveeed the snake! He thought every scene with the snake was hilarious! Notice how this picture loaded, but none of our family pictures will. I'd fire Google, but I already have this blog established. Add Video

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