Sunday, March 18, 2012

Clark's 3rd Birthday Party

Fire truck cake!

We had Clark's 3rd birthday party today. It was incredible. We rented a room at our local Fire Department and invited our friends to come eat yummy foods and a fire truck cake!  The kids played in firetruck costumes, with fire truck toys, in a fire truck popup house, play with a fake burning city,  colored, and got to wear firefighter hats! We even had a tour of the fire station by Fireman Dan!

I don't know why we are laughing, but we are. This non-Greenwell is Mary, and her daughter Josie who is 3 months older than Iris and considers herself Iris' babysitter/keeper/bestfriend/2nd mom.

Little Fire Truck House and friends.

Kids playing "nicely"

Owen playing sweetly by himself. Driving fire truck over to burning city to save the day!

Mr. Precious! (that's John Paul over in the corner. Hasn't he grown?!!)

Lots of friends. Will Clark and his mom, Katie are in the front.
Fireman Dan demonstration
Fire station tour.
Watch how fast he gets dressed!

High Fives for the Fireman!
Happy Family!
Touring the ambulance.

Checking out the Ambulance. That girl in pink is little Bernadette!

Clark drives a firetruck with Iris by his side!

I'm driving the truck!

Happy Birthday time!


We did 3 candles with 1 to grow on. This was an Averill tradition, but not a Greenwell one. It turns out about half of our guests did it too, and half didn't.  If you watch the blowing out the cake photos, Iris is blowing too!

We've been talking about this firetruck birthday party for months, and I'm so glad the day was finally here. It completely fulfilled all of my own dreams for an awesome birthday party and I'm pretty sure Clark and everyone else loved it too! 

I'd like to thank "The Cake Boss" for inspiring our fire truck cake. I'd like to thank Tom for buying and prepping all of our delicious gluten-free food. I'd like to thank all of our friends who came to have fun with us today. Finally, I'd like to thank Clark for making my dreams come true by being my baby (although he would say, "I'm not a baby, I'm a boy!"), and for turning 3 and allowing us to have this awesome party! 

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  1. Love all the pictures. The firetruck cake is very sweet. I think V is blowing too in the second photo of the blowing series. That really did seem to be a very nice occasion, and fun way to celebrate a birthday.