Thursday, April 12, 2012

Potty Training

 I started potty training this kid in earnest this week. I rolled up the carpet indoors and got him and Iris naked. I thought the peer pressure of Iris would help him (it does).  I introduced Clark to our potty buddy: Denny Bear. He is a build a bear that came with a few pairs of undies. 
Clark models how to potty with Denny Bear

Then Clark shows us how to potty. Is he going to hate that this is posted on a blog for the world to see? Probably. Do I care? nah.

 Clark was mildly successful the first day, not successful the second day. We had a big talk that afternoon and the next day something clicked and he was better at keeping dry - and asked to poop. It was successful and he got a Monster Truck as a reward.  That was a huge push for him. Today is Thursday and its 5pm, he's still dry. I know there will be setbacks, but today I'm glad.
Clark is actually good at holding it when we are out and about. I'm really proud of him.

Iris used the potty on the second day (poop!). She even held her pee in until I would sit her on the potty. She peed once an hour and was really impressing me, and probably making Clark jealous, which may have been why we had some setbacks that day. 

Otherwise, she's just added some cuteness to our exercise.

We have gone out and about with her in both training pants and in undies (so cute!!!!!!!!)  but I have no clue how to communicate with her about using the potty. She either does or she doesn't when I sit her on it, and she will pee later on if she doesn't.  I'm hoping that we can learn some potty signs and just get her to communicate with me about it. 
otherwise she's climbing in the potty

not how to use it!

building a bridge to the potty.

We also got a Potty Scotty doll off of Ebay for 99cents plus shipping. Its a drink and wet doll that has a penis!  It is part of the "potty training in one day" method. We pretty much did some of that stuff with Denny Bear, but I'm excited to have it anyway. We just got it in the mail today, so I'll let you know how it works! 

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