Friday, September 19, 2008

Charley Horse

I got an incredibly bad one last night. I haven't had such a bad one since I was doing track in high school. As I lay moaning and writhing in the middle of the night I thought, "I just ate a banana." Because I had eaten one just before bed.

This morning I checked the internet
  • Leg Cramps (""Charley Horse''): As your baby grows and puts pressure on your lower body, your legs may not get enough blood. Leg cramps can develop when you are tired or not getting enough calcium in your diet.
  • Try to rest often with your legs higher than your heart. Drink milk and eat yogurt and cheeses. Talk to your doctor about your diet. You may need to take daily calcium pills.
Ok, so its not even a banana issue, its a calcium issue. I am not having cravings, but I am sure having aversions to food, and cheese is one of them. It grosses me out, the smell, the meltyness. BUT last night I had a blizzard from DQ and I had rice with some grated Romano on it. So I'm not completely devoid of calcium.

It is also probably an issue of me sleeping on my back still. I hate sleeping on my side, I wake up every 50 minutes with a numb arm or a hip on the edge of needing replacement surgery. Sometimes, I even still sleep on my stomach, kind of propped sideways on a pillow so I'm not completely horizontal. Ugh, I don't know what is worse, a killer Charley horse or numb arms/broken hip every 50 min. Also, the little list of cures says to lay with your legs higher than your heart, the only way to do this is on your back- which is forbidden at this time. So, is that even a real remedy?

Also, about supplements for calcium. I get these little white spots on my face that look like white heads, but really they are "calcium deposits" and if I try to squeeze them, nothing happens. In the rare cases that I have been very aggressive with them, I find that I am left with a huge red pit on my face, and a hard little ball of white. Its like a little bone or tooth grew into my face. Whenever I take supplements of calcium, I get more of these, or the ones I have grow. I have one on my eyelid right now and its doubled in size since I've gotten pregnant. Does anyone else get these deposits? Especially anyone related to me?

Oh, and its nice that being "tired" is a cause too. What pregnant woman isn't tired?

With love and cramping,

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