Sunday, August 23, 2009

Following the heart and the way of the caveman

1. I had a dream last night that I follwed my dreams instead of my heart. It was a sad dream in the end. In the beginning, I was dating Tom, but chose to travel and study and save the environment (funny because that was never my actual dream). Tom and I tried long distance dating, but neither of us would/could make the sacrifices and concessions to the other to make our relationship work. In my dream, I cried when neither of us could find the right words to say that would bring us together. Then I woke up.

I have to say that marriage is not the easiset thing in the world, but it is amazing and wonderful to me. When I heard Clark making noise this morning and went in to get him, I had no regrets about the path I've taken. Sometimes I long for the travel and adventure that my dreams had promised, but my family is my real dream and it's come true.

2. The Way of The Caveman
In parenting, I seek information like a greedy person. I read too much, ask too many people their opinions and experiences and beg for memories that are tarnished by lack of sleep and time. I attend meetings, get on blogs, message boards, and groups to ask questions, answer questions and learn from other mothers. All of this results in knowledge, yes, but also doubts about what I'm doing.

Then I remember that 12 year-old drug addicts are having babies and I'm pretty sure they DON'T worry as much as I do. Then I remember that people have been having babies for as long as there have been people. I remember the caveman.

Now we are introducing solid foods to Clark. Even with all of my inquiry and research, I still am a pretty low maintenance lady. I haven't food processed anything, or even bought food in a jar. I've been taking foods that I'm eating and offering them to Clark to put his mouth on. He has come away with bites of banana, peach, apple (juice that he sucked out of the apple), blueberry and tomato. If it is a fresh, avaliable food, in season. If it doesn't need to be cooked for him to mash it in his mouth, its a caveman "first food".

What else is a caveman first food? Well, we bought a rotisserie chicken on Friday, and I found a perfect Clark sized bone. So, we gave it to him to chew on. It didn't have any meat on it, but perhaps chicken essence. He was pretty cute. This also makes my baby a non-vegan now. Sorry PETA.


  1. chicken bones are good, nice and greasy

  2. here's an intersting short video from Mike Rowe on American labor and the possibly fallicy of following your dreams.

  3. no no, try this one:

  4. he looks a little like his Great Uncle Paul S with his fist up to his mouth like that, anyone else think so?

  5. What a sweet post. And I think it's great to not feel like you have buy the canned baby food all the time. Not that there's anything wrong with it, but it tends to be a waste of money when they can just start eating things you are eating yourself.

    Marriage is GREAT! :o)
    ps. found this by way of elizabethesther's blog