Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sleep update, Jordan's visit and Clark's mad skills.

As I write this Clark has been sleeping for 2 and a half hours. I know. I hardly believe it myself. Last night he was down for 8. I pray that by writing this I am not cursing myself, condemning myself to a prideful downfall of 2 hour nights again. We started giving him a paci when he wakes up at night. It took two nights of paci/pat on the back every 2 hours, then he slept for 6 hours. Two nights of 6 hours and now one night of 8. I have to tell you, I desperately needed last night. Even if we go back to 2 hour nights tonight, last night was great. I even remembered something Tom forgot! I mean, that's how sharp my brain feels today!

We haven't had to give him the paci besides when he wakes at night. We aren't using it for naps, nor for going down at night. I was hesitant to use one for the first 6 weeks due to exclusive breastfeeding. It seems to cause nipple confusion. I haven't had any issues nursing, nor with my milk supply, so it seems like it was a good call. I wanted to use it for the first 6 weeks, but I really wanted to get nursing off to the best start. After 6 weeks, he settled down and didn't seem to need it. until he was 5 months old. really.

My cousin Jordan came to visit this past week. She came in the grand tradition that started 27 years ago when I was just a baby and Aunt Carla was 16 years old. My Aunt Carla, her mother, came to Texas to help my mother with me. When I was 16, I went to Florida to help Aunt Carla with her two kids, Jordan(4yrs) and Matthew(2). Now, Jordan (15) came to Maryland to help me with Clark.

These are my thoughts on Jordan:

Whenever we have baby #2, Jordan is on the list of people to come help out. She has 3 little siblings: Kelly (6), Robbie (5), and Bailey (1.5) (all ages approximate) and has NO fear of babies. She is really cuddly and Clark LOVES her!

She is also the easiest house guest we've ever had! (sorry everyone else!) When Clark went to sleep at 8:30 and Tom and I went to bed at 9:15, Jordan didn't complain, she just went into her room and watched TV on her computer! When we packed PNB and Jelly for lunch she didn't mind, and when Tom and I were cranky and hot at the zoo, she took wildlife pictures instead!

This is what we did during her trip:

We went to the Great Falls of the Potomac

We went to the National Geographic Explorer's Hall and Clark got eaten by a Praying Mantis. We met up with Josh and Ashley and John Paul Brumfield and explored with them. We walked down to the white house and over to the Air and Space Museum and then rode the Metro.

We went to the movies and saw Harry Potter #6.

We went to Harper's Ferry (Which I LOVE!) We had a picnic lunch by the Shenandoah River. We discovered that this is a swimming hole and a good place to take kids one day!
Jordan waded.

She helped Clark wade too!

Clark ate at Jefferson Rock.

Jordan and Clark had their first taste of the Appalachian Trail!

They thought it was hilarious!

On Saturday, the whole fam went to the zoo. It took us a while to find parking so Jordan tortured Clark.

it was CRAZY hot at the zoo. Tom and I were cranky. Jordan took awesome pictures. Here is one of a tiger!

On Sunday, we all hung out at home. We went to mass and then to Joe's Crab Shack.
On Monday, Jordan, Clark and I hung out in Georgetown. We went to La Madeleine and to Barnes and Noble. It was very chill and fun. It was a great visit and we hope she comes back next year!!!!!

Here are some of Clark's mad skills.

Thumb sucking!


Sucking on a cup!