Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What happened to my child?

I don't know what to do. Its 6am. I've been up since 4am. The child will not sleep. He went down at 8pm, up at 11:30pm, and 3am. So I got 3.5 hours of sleep if I immediately fell asleep after his 11:30 awakening (which is impossible).
He is pooping at night. What happened?
We tried rice cereal for a few nights and he woke up screaming like he was in pain so I didn't do it last night. and now this.
As I write this he is falling asleep while nursing in the boppy. If I put him down, I'm certain he would wake.
Is this teething?


  1. ah, the many mysteries of life. Are you using a pacifier?

  2. It could just be a growth spurt. Could be teething. Teething is a total mystery- I blame any erratic behavior on teething. ;) Good luck!

  3. pacifier from time to time might not be a bad idea. you aren't haveing any problems with milk supply so that wouldn't be a factor.

  4. Bored with sleep. Becoming more aware of life's goings on. Naomi suddenly (after getting her new prosthesis leg) quit taking 3 hr. naps and will not just go to sleep in her bed, she has to fall asleep on the sofa. I am not carrying her as much becaus she can walk and I think she is insecure as she is more independent. Maybe he is feeling something similiar.

  5. I've been thinking about starting a pacifier actually.. but most books say to take the paci away at 6 months, so: "Do I start now?"

    It could be teething, could be a growth spur. I dont think its insecurity yet. He's pretty content to be with other people, be alone, and with me.

    Last night I just prayed ALOT and he woke at 12:30, 3:30 and 6:30. I nursed him back to sleep, but if he didn't go down when I put him back in the crib I rubbed his back instead. I also did rice cereal last night, I think it hurts his tummy. I might hold off, or give him some avocado...

  6. You surely are a first time parent. Try to imagine youself with 4 babies and do what you would do for 4 to your 1...

    you are having my nephew vaccinated aren't you?

  7. Um with 4, I'd make the oldest stay up all night with the littlest! How's that for birth control!
    Whatever bro, you used to freak when I'd come to your house and talk loud lest I wake sweet matthew, and that was for a nap!
    He is vaccinated, actually a fever might help him sleep more. I'm on the edge of giving him whisky or something
    Tomorrow night we might pat him on the back. I'm going to read up today from Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child

  8. When C-tron is sleeping (finnaly) do you let loud people around his room .... ?

    I didn't think so. Everyone who visits this blog I'm sure has experienced your vociferous diction. (I used the thesaurus).

  9. Found Clark a teething pacifier... it's called a Raz-berry I think.... supposed to soothe baby's gums :) Hope this helps... I'll send it to you this weekend.


  10. This is Veronica:

    When he is sleeping, we make noise, its ok. Its daytime and daytime is noisy. When he was born we let him nap in the living room with the radio playing and made noise to condition him for daytime sleeping.

    Yeah, I'm loud and Clark deals with it. =P~~~~~

    Thanks for the teething paci, we'll see if it helps.

    I did buy pacifiers and have been using it only at night.
    -Put him to sleep as normal
    -when he wakes crying after 2/3 hrs, i pop the paci in and pat his back.
    -after he sleeps for 6 hours I feed him.

    -we put the "sleep sheep" in our bed and turn it on when he is making night time noise, so I can sleep/relax better and am not so reactive to his noise.
    it has helped us have two nights of better sleep.

    we are hoping to help him get over his "night time waking" problems.