Saturday, April 17, 2010

Going to the park and the zoo!

We've been going to the park and the zoo lately. Here are some of our top experiences~
Here are the three of us

We pulled out "the monkey shirt" and took Clark to the zoo. His favorite zoo things are: rocks, rails, posts, and fences. He also enjoyed the small mammal house.

This is from a different zoo trip, last week. We saw two elephants pee and one poop! Everyone loved it! The zoo is building a new Elephant zone, its going to be 5x the size of the one the elephants have now. Its almost finished being built and its going to be more fun for them!
The zoo has a farm with farm animals. Here is a pig, we also saw cows, bunnies and Clark and I both touched a goat. I know that many people go to petting zoos, but not me. One of the very first assignments you get in Public Health School is to write a press release for a local petting zoo who has an outbreak of e. Coli. If the animals are different heights and in the same enclosure, you can almost bet that the tall ones are pooping on the small ones. Then your kid touches the little cute animal and gets poopy gross on them. The goat we touched was only with other goats and we washed immediately.
Tiger! I know its fake, but whatev... The zoo has a nice big cat exhibit (I think). You can usually see one or more of the big cats doing something cool. This day we saw one male lion and two female lions. At one point, one girl lion went to sniff the boy lion, and he was unhappy about it and roared at her. It was awesome! Then they fought a little bit and then spread out and lay down again. Clark liked that!

We checked out the free range Orangutans too!

We've also been going to the local parks almost daily. This is Wheaton Regional Park. They have a train, carousel, a green house and outdoor botanical gardens. They also have many different playground equipment stations, appropriate for different levels of development. There's a nice area for little kids like Clark. He is really interested in dogs lately. He found this one, and wanted to play tug-of-war with its stick. I took the picture and made him stop so he didn't get growled at. He liked the dog a lot.
Here's Clark getting ready for football season or boot camp. Tires!

Clark and Bernadette playing on the CrAzY steps!!!!!

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  1. Clark is so cute!!! I can't wait to squeeze him (gently of course) in a few weeks! Are you wearing your R& A wedding dress for easter--the purple one? Its sassy!